Having trouble with making back ups ive been using shintaro dvd-r

hi guys ’
im new here . im having trouble with making back ups ive been using shintaro dvd-r but all of a suden they have started to freeze near the end
when i first started backing up i used princo but they all failed (my mates have never had a problem) the i read that ritek where very good but they all failed too ( so i returned them back to the shop)then i got to using shintaro and they all worked fine no problems until i opened the new cake and everyone has skiped so far ive used shintaro about 200 times but the new batch 2 cakes have failed. i even bought a new pioneer dvd player and that worked for a while i updated nero and using nero recod and dvd shrink but thats not giving me good copies maybe i shouldnt of updated nero?
any suggestions im at my wits end ive bought 2 pioneer players and got rid of 3 asian no name brans and my x box wont play either im wasting my money now so any help would be good

try saving the dvd shrink output to hard drive folder. put both VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS in a folder, create an iso of them with IMGTOOL Classic . . . point IMGTOOL to the folder with the VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS inside - create image. burn ISO with dvd decrypter

ok image tool classic is that a program
i have some programs too use i ve got sorinson squeeze and scenarist would they work ive never used them
where would i find image tool classic?

im think of getting a new dvd burner even at im pulling my hair out are their any media that wont fail 100% of the time?

What is the brand and model of your dvd burner?

My guess is the media. Princo, Ritek (G05?) and shintaro (never heard of it) are bad ones. You need to get a better media, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. If that is too expensive then get Maxell, Ricoh or TDK. Among 200 dvds you’ve burn, how many of them are still working without problem (pixellation, skips, etc)? Try to test the old backups. If, say 100 are still good, it’s not about wasting 100 cheap media but consider your time backing up and burning 100 originals. Got the idea? Hint: use quality media and good dvd burner.


i have a sony rw dru-700a ive gon back to some old ones and they wouldnt read my mate to some to his place but he could read them i tryed a TY it skipped as well

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Sorry Playing with C, Shintaro is rebadged PRINCO and Garbage.

my shintaros are made by cmg or somthing not princo the 4 speed where princo i was told that shintaro are top notch by professional dvd authours where can i get ty in sydney aust ive tried the riteks and they failed on me too

professional? :confused: :disagree: The shintaro 8x -r is CMCMAG.AE1, not a top notch.

Try this one:
DVD±R and CD-R Bargains in Australia

or do a search for “Australia”, you will get lots of hits.

Here in Aus its hard to get Taiyo Yuden, whilst Verbatim and TDK (the only ones I’ll use) are readily available. Generally those sales of TDK 8x DVD+R’s at Dick Smith are RICOHJPNR02’s and exceptional quality. You’ll get 50 Discs for $30-$40.

thanx i was looking at pcx website and the r just down the road what would u suggest i buy next the ritek whish have failed on me
Taiyo Yuden (2 types)or the verbatim ? i want to get a brand that i will not have to through out as ill buy them buy the 100,s

  • R or - R ive been using minus R maybe that my problem?


From my experience the verbatim 16x media is just as good as taiyo yuden. I haven’t been able to test any old burns of both to see if one holds up better over time. But both are very good media.