Having trouble with images on my webpage



I've made a web page (nothing too fancy)
but am having trouble posting images, the text uploads ok
am using smartftp client...created page with word web wizard
my isp is ntlworld if this is an issue?

please help! but also please keep your responses as simple as possible. I am very very very new to this

thanx for any help in advance!!


posting images? as in uploading, or getting to display?


Using Word as webpage maker ?

Oh boy …

anyhoo .

Word puts it’s images in a different directory and the html files in the root directory (which may be your www.whatever.com/user/me) refer to that directory (www.whatever.com/user/me/images or something)

If your very new i’d suggest Frontpage for making webpages.
And if you’ve learned html , just use notepad.