Having trouble with buying a good DVD writer



This is my second post so sorry if there is any problem!

ok, i decided to buy a DVD writer but i really dizzied! my friends have guided me but their guide just made me more hazy~!~

First i decided to buy LG GSA-H10L but i dunno whether is it the most suitable for me or not.

I want it to support all media fromats, have high writing speed, with least errors of reading and writing.



All DVD Writers support all media formats except that some are not full compatible with other brands. If you want better media compatibility, mimimum reading & writing errors then grab the Pioneer.


The LG burner you bought is a good burner. It burns with high quality and has good compatibility with most media types. I have one myself.

It supports bitsetting, which allows maximum compatibility between DVD+R media and DVD players. The Pioneer doesn’t support that except with dual layer media.

I think the Pioneer 112 is a great burner and am tempted to get one for myself, but the LG is a great burner too. I won’t be giving mine up to get a Pioneer - if I get a Pioneer it’ll be in addition :slight_smile:


Thanks, many thanks. You know the max that i will pay would be 60 dollars. I want an inexpensive burner that supports all media formats. Would you give me the price of the pioneer?