Having trouble with burning -r disks

i have a 1633s with bsos firmware and i cant get my burner to burn -r disks in dvdcloner 2. does the +r ok. and will burn -r in dvdxcopy plat.is there any thing any one can suggest? im still a little nervous about changing to 1653w cs09. thanks in advance.

I have a 1633sx external with bsos firmware and I have burnt dvd-r disc with no problem. The media I used was JVC dvd-r 8x identified as ProdiskF01. I have attached the kprobe scan (I hope). As I understand it from a lot of the posts I have read the 1633 prefers +R media. It could also be the quality of the media too. I hope this helps.

@ chris

Scan at the CDfreaks standard which is 4x and those spikes will probably dissapear


Will need more info than that, firstly what discs are you using?, use a program such as nero cdspeed to identify the dye type used on the disc, and welcome!

Thank you for your input, Mr Brownstone,
I was pleased with the overall scan. It was my first burn and scan. I used dvdshrink3.2 and that opened nero 6605 automatically. So I did not get an opportunity to select 4X. I will investigate and try to burn at 4x the next time.

Chris youve misunderstood me i dont mean burn at 4x i mean scan at 4x, look at your k’s probe pic see where it says MAX, well that means you scanned it at max speed, you need to rescan at 4x which is the standard we use here at CDFreaks as scanning at faster speeds often give highly variable and obscure results, your graph should look much nicer when scanned at 4x :wink:

Mr Brownstone wasen`t refering to the burn speed it was the kprobe scan speed that should have been done at 4X.

also with shrink after clicking the backup tab you can select the burn speed under the burn settings tab.

Thanks for making that clear acko. It’s quite a learning curve.

no probs Chris, were all newbees once

I have a Sony DRU 700A… and I have found the same results… that these drives just don’t like DVD-R disks. Here is a typical burn that I found on Ritek G05 burned at the slowest speed possible.
Is there anything we can do to improve the burn quality. ?

as an aside, is there any recommendations for a DVD player which is
progressive scan + digital optical out + capable of playing such disks ?
I have a Sony DVD player and a Philips DVP 642 . Sony has trouble even reading this disk at times. Phlips skips in a few places.
I heard cyberhome and APEX are good at reading bad disks.
but not very reliable… or long lasting.
any other choices ?

Happy Mister, the DRU700a and all its other names only really likes +R i suggest you find yourself some good quality +R discs and stick to it or do what i did and ditch the Liteon (in your case rebadge) and get yourself a good quality -R burner and keep the Sony just for error testing.

sorry for the lack of info they are sony disks 1-8x variable. they wont burn in clonedvd2 but they will burn in dvd x copy platinum. i ran the test and they come up incompatibale. i forgot about that test so thanks. im gonna file 13 them and be done. the +r seem to do better any way. thy guy at best buy told me they are all the same.but now i know diffrently now thanks guys.

The guy at Best Buy always trys to mess me up! :a

thanks. yes. i did end up giving up my unused -r media
and ended up getting more TY01 media and those burns are just phenomenal.

now just to find a player to play those -r medias…unless i want to convert them into +r media… but i am i am in the market for a player… :wink: