Having trouble with Burned DVDs

I’m trying to burn some anime a friend gave me in digital form a couple weeks ago onto a dvd. The files are all present and work fine. I initially wrote it at 16x on a DVD+R, which works just fine on my dad’s new DVD Player, but not on my older one, where I want it to work. It will load the disc, but will only play in black and white with a slightly distorted picture. I have tried writing the disc at 8x and 10x with the same results.

What should I try next?

I am usin Maxell DVD+R discs, and writing with ImgBurn on a brand spankin new Dell, but have had little success finding the maker and specs of the drive itself.

[QUOTE=sachiej26;2139877] … burn some anime … in digital form … onto a dvd. … works just fine on my dad’s new DVD Player, but not on my older one, where I want it to work… [/QUOTE]

Hi Sachie,

Could you tell me the following … btw, you might have answered your own Q … your dad’s player is newer and probably that is why it works.

Q1: What Brand & Model is your dad’s DVD Player?

Q2: What Brand & Model is your OLDER DVD Player?

Q3: Can you tell me the Anime’s are what kind? .mpg or .avi, or …

Also, can you download GSpot2.70a and see what is the Codecs used on those Anime? and Post back!



Okay, the anime files are of three varieties: VOB, BUP, and IFO. I understand they work together.
The new player is a magnavox, and the old one is a Oritron. The Magnavox is an HD DVD player.
I’m afriad I have no idea about the models. I’ll see what I can find out.

If I had any idea what it is precisely a codec helps determine, I’d be glad to tell you. I just have no idea what they’re all about, and have looked at the program and don’t know what any of it means. Sorry.

Magnavox is a MDV460/17

You might try bitsetting the +R disks so that they look like DVD-Rom disks to your older player. This would make them seem like a commercially made dvd movie, and so, more compatible.

Problem is, we need to know the make and model burner you have before we can tell you if it is capable of bitsetting. Download Nero Info Tool and tell us what it reports about your drive. This utility is free to download and use. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Nero_InfoTool.htm

The burner is a TSSTcorp DVD± RW TS-H653F

Does that help?

EDIT: It says it can’t write a -ROM
just kidding. So Now what should I try?
Or Am I just out of luck?

Hi folks,

@ Sachie … read this thread … it shows how to upgrade your FW and enable BitSetting …



Yeah, pretty sure gonwk’s right.

Woohoo! Thanks gonwk!

Its the OEM version of a Samsun SH-223.

I believe ImgBurn will automatically burn a +R disk as a DVD-Rom using a Samsung burner so you may already have burned them as DVDRom. Put one of the burned disks in the drive and start ImgBurn. On the right side of the window in ImgBurn you will see a lot of info on the drive and the burned disk…go all the way down to Physical Format Information (Last Recorded): The next line will show the disk ID code, then the next line will be Book Type: The book type on the disk should read DVD-ROM.

If it doesn’t say DVD-ROM here, if it says DVD +R, you may have to change the setting manually. Look in Tools–>Drive–>Change Book Type and set it manually to make a DVD+R into a DVDRom as you burn.

The media you are using isn’t the best, and that drive isn’t the best Samsung either. You can try a different media, like Verbatim and that would certainly be an improvement, but it may not solve your problems.

Post again and let us know what you find out.

Edit: I see gonwk’s provided an alternate route. Good.

okay, new problem. The link to the driver the other guy used doesn’t work. It’ll download but won’t open, which makes no sense since it’s a .exe, but hey. the point is, I haven’t been able to find another one. Could I get a hand?

Wait just kidding! The minute I give up and ask for help I find it. =p

EDIT and of course they don’t work.:sad: still need help.

one of my tvs has RCA inputs and S-Video input. i have the dvd player connected to S-Video. if i select the RCA input on tv the video is black and white.


After lots of time on google, I have found that this drive is no longer supported by samsung, and so the driver update previously availible no longer exists.