Having trouble with a copy protection

i currently own a liteon and a plex 40, i have been have great success with the liteon copying everything under the sun, but i ran into a snag , it seems sierra has found away for securom new to defeat my liteon, i have coasters now !! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i have downloaded and used the profiles for protections still new luck, what gives man!!! help i dont wanna buy another frigging burner!!! :bow: you guys are great and i know you will reply… thanks again

the game is Die Hard -Nakotomi plaza this has the securom new protection.

i burned the game with the game profil (aws disabled) without a problem. I burned it at the 4x.
I have a Lite-on 24103s @32123s.

Which version of clone cd are you using? Are you using a cdr drive to play the game?

There have been reports that the hide cdr function of ccd will not work especially with lite-ons for games with securom new

read this

It has been fixed i think in the new version of ccd

for securom new you need clonecd

:bigsmile: Thanks again