Having trouble with 007NightFire & a LTR32123S

I have spent a longggggg time reading many great threads here but this is my issue that I need help with. I am using version with a lite on 32123s XSOF. I have been able to backup many games & my new games such as WarcraftIII(securom) & SDv2.5 such as FI2002, GTA3, MOHAA…etc & it was a breeze with no problems first time around. I install & play from my 52X CD-ROM not a DVD or burner. This SDv2.8 though is giving me nothing but trouble. It gives an error at start up around the flash screen. I have even slowed down the read and write to 4X but still no luck. I have bought & registered CCD & Blindwrite. Am I going to have to buy Alcohol too??? Can I beat SDv2.8 with what I have now or will the latest version of CCD help? I see in some threads that people do not like the “4” series of CCD & use the "3"series. Any help or suggestions will be great!!! Thanks!!!

My email is npjiks@yahoo.com if you want to contact me that way.


I use the CloneCCD and like it much better than the 4 series. The profiles are confusing and make me unsure whether I have the right settings and have to check them every time defeatign the purpouse of the profiles. For SD 2.8 you should try the free program DiscDump with a frontend to dump a perfect SD2.8 image using the SD 1 and 2 fast Dump. This will create an .ISO that if burned using any program in DAO mode will create a perfect copy. I do love CloneCD but as soon as v4 came out on the market it died for me and I find myself using it less and less.

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OK here it goes,

First off why have you not yet updated the clone to the latest version ?

The ability of defeating the SD2.8X in clone was first introduced in the NON PUBLIC version of Clone which futureproof was using for a while.

Soon after when the was released backing up the SD2.8x when the sector Emulation was introduced, was very much possible. Provided that you have the right equipment which you do.

Keep in mind while Liteon Burners are good burners, they are not the best readers, they are just average. Make sure you adjust the error correction method in CCD to hardware and change it from a default setings which is software as the liteons do have the error correction capacity built in with in their Mediatek chipset.

Having a reliable reader such as LTD-165H (Liteon DVD ) or equivalent makes a monumental difference in the overall result wheather you decide to burn the image from the HDD or on-the-fly as these are exceptinally good accurate readers.

Granted some people might find the interface of the Clone CD 4.x a bit too much but in order to understand the profiles you have to have a good understanding of the protections and their nature and what you would anticipate to encounter.

Having some idea of the above then you can alter the read and write profiles in any which was you want and then the correct backup (SD2.8X) in this case is more probable.

Keep in mind that when you do upgrade your CCD to the latest version you would also need to do the same for your profiles.

You can look here for some updated profiles that you can use with the new version


Also make sure that you untick the Amplify the weak sectors in the property menu of your liteon burner, they do not need it and chances are the final copy would not work.

Remember that the correct profile setup for SD2.8X is identical to SD2.X with the difference that you have to make a change in the WRITE PROFILE ! under the write settings properties of your burner just before you start writing.

You need to change the weak sector choices to EMULATE and then you can continue with the burn.

If the worse come to worse and you are not happy or not to clear then just choose the default Game profile ( DO NOT EDIT THIS PRFILE IN ANY WAY LEAVE IT AS DEFAULT) shotgun approach.

Again with the release of CCD the FES engine has been significantly improved from the previous versions in which when it is scanning the disk as it reads it, it can determine the some types of protection and automatically apply the necessary counter measures for it. This option is new and the millage might vary from reader to reader but by far an innovative step.

Keep in mind that Current version of CCD is not yet to correctly back up the very new SECUROM 4.X who knows maybe the next version . . .

Hope this would be of some help.

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It’s complicated. 4016 & 4019 seem to work very well. Get 'em from here

Using the latest CCD, save this profile <SafeDisc 2.5x + (Ignore).ccp> and try it.

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]

[CloneCD WritePrefs]

You can beat SD2.8x with an ASUS but not necessarily a Lite-On. Be aware that you can do it using the “Emulate” setting which is not available in US locales :wink:

Version 2002 12 02 “Added Emulation of weak sectors”
Version 2002 12 04 “Made ‘Locked Buffer IO’ the default, as older versions of the Intel Application Accelerator driver fail otherwise and Data profile had “Emulate Weak Sectors” enabled as default”

Must I choose Emulate or will it work with using the Ignore setting?

In PaRaDoX’s reply he does clearly state Emulate, but in the top of FutureProof’s profile header it shows +(Ignore) but then down at the bottom of the post it does state Emulate also. Damn!
Why I ask is that the rig that I play on at my house is strictly setup for gaming & I do not have CCD on that rig or any other apps that are not needed for games. My other rig at my house has CCD, burners, internet, etc… on it. I have the reads done for both disc 1 & 2, now I am just waiting on the final word on Emulate or Ignore. Thanks!!!

Now for some feedback. Thanks for the very quick & detailed answers!!! I did not update because… um…I was lazy I guess. I figured I had to get 1 post in this year anyways, and with all the great advice in the past & the current threads I was able to backup everything okay until I came face to face with SDv2.8. I do not see what the big deal is with CCD “4” being “hard to use” It is a piece of cake. Heck, even the error correction method was already changed to hardware & AWS was already unticked. Thanks for the heads-up though.

P.S. My rig is in Canada :wink: … AND … in another post I see that CCD may soon be able to handle the securom new*new. That is great as my next game to back up is NOFL2.

Originally posted by FutureProof
You can beat SD2.8x with an ASUS but not necessarily a Lite-On.

Well, you can beat sd 2.8x with any Lite-on of 24x or above, but not necessarily with clonecd.

Good to hear from you,

I don’t think futureproof was advising you incorrectly, if you carefully look

this profile <SafeDisc 2.5x + (Ignore).ccp> and try it.

He mean any protection fom SD 2.5x+ UP UNTILL the 2.8X you can use Ignore and at the bottom he clearly mentions SECTOR EMULATION.

Well to give you the simple answer I say use SECTOR EMULATION !

The result has worked flwlessly for me as I use a reasonably GOOD READER ( Liteon LTD-165H ) .

It has been known thatmajority of the liteon burners are not particularly GREAT READERS !!! specially when it comes down to SD2.8X.

This is probably why you keep hearing that the final result in using the latest version of Clone to backup the latest SD2.8X protected game, when you use a Liteon Burner as a reader is not conclusive enough to warrant a 100% success rate.

Having said that, this has worked for quite number of people, so I guess all you need to do is to try.

So the Final word is USE SECTOR EMULATION for SD 2.8X no matter what reader you are using.