Having Trouble Reading DVD Recordable, Samsung SD-612

Hey everyone,

I have a dvd recordable that i wanna rip. I’m not sure if its a dvd-/+r, and I can’t directly ask the person who burned it. My Samsung SD-612 wouldn’t read it last night, but I figured I’d give it a try this morning. It’d just spin up and the LED would blink forever, and windows would kinda freeze until i popped the tray back out. It actually displayed the files this time tho, and i tested copying a small file, so I copied the ifo’s. It’d just freeze like before when I copied the VOB’s, even the small 44 kb one. And actually, this time it gave me a ‘cannot read from source file or disk’ error.

Any ideas? I looked for new firmware, but all I found was region free patched versions (and to tellyou the truth, i dunno which version I got). thanks!

my ps2 seems to read it, so I know its good. I once had all this trouble before doing the same thing with a comparable sized dvd, but it eventually read in windows.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

From my experiance, th Samsung dvd-roms seam to be a bit fussy on the DVDR media used. It reads some fine and most not fine. Sorry but I got rid of the Samsumg a long time agao so cant remember what brands of dvdr it could read and what it couldnt.

I also did own a samsung, mine did not read any dvd-r’s or dvd+r’s for that matter.

gaaa were is the cd key genrator!!! :a :confused: :confused: :a