Having trouble emulating SafeDisc with both Alcohol and Daemon Tools

Update: it would seem that the executables are identical between the CD-bound student version and the key-enabled student version. So the protection code must be contained in one of the DLLs, and it may explain why examining the executable fails to yield full information about protection.

EDIT: or… it’s using the latest SafeDisc Advanced. :frowning:

So what does that mean…i still cant get it to open of a burned copy…does it have to be the same disc as it was installed with maybe? Could it be generating a random id when installed and looks for the same id?

ill try uninstall and reinstall with the backup and see what happens…

well i dont think i deleted everything because after the uninstall i reinstalled and it already knew my name and school? is there some stuff in the reg that doesnt get deleted? by the way i continuded witht he install anyhow and it didnt not work…asked for the real cd…WHAT GIVES this piece of plastic is outsmarting me AHHHHHHH!!!

Ler—I’m pretty sure we’re dealing with SafeDisc 4 here, which is a new update. Unfortunately, it seems that CD Freaks just haven’t had that much experience with it yet :slight_smile: I do see one successful copy over in the Copy Protection forum, but that’s it. Anyway, I’ve had no luck myself. And frankly I’m not interested in burning a copy, I just want to run it off a virtual drive.

yea well me too…but i think it is a good plan to try to get it to run off a backup cd first then work out the virtual drive stuff…

I definitly am NOT giving up, i dont want to have a 100 program not run becasue the friggin cd is lost/scratched. Also not having to wait for the cd to spin up would be cool :slight_smile:

Hi I am having the exact same problem, except that I cannot create a burned copy that matlab will run off of (it installs fine) either. In other words there is no way i can get it to work without the Original CD in the drive. Any new info on this?

I have the same problem with Matlab 7 Student Edition R14. I used CloneCD to make an image and I successfully burned it on a CD. I got it installed but the program will only run with the original CD in the drive, not the backup CD.

well, two resonable guesses are

-Matlab7 student version doesn’t use SafeDisc 2. Instead it pretends to be a SafeDisc 2.

-There are other security checks besides, eg. memory scan for emulation softwares.

… So has anyone figured out a solution? any thoughts?

Add me to the list of people that simply want to run MATLAB v7 R14 Student Version on their laptop and desktop.

I was using BlindWrite and Dameon Tools with the same results, it knew I didn’t have the real cd in the drive whether I was using BlindWrite Disk or Virtual Drive

So, everyone is stumped??

same problem here - i bought matlab, but i don’t want to take the cd with me all the time…
I made an image with clone cd, mounted it with daemon-tools and all emulation options and installed matlab in this way (from the virtual drive).
Of course it wanted to see the original cd, when I started it for the first time, and although it was installed from drive V: it found the original cd in drive D:…

ok matlab R14 student edition CD (no serial number needed)

ripped with the amazingly good samsung w162c
via alcohol 1.9.2 using the safedisk 2/3 setting.
mounted image with daemon tools 4.01 for winx64

works perfectly!

note: i have previously tried this task with different cd-rom drives and different programs without any success.

did you install MATLAB from the virtual drive first?

i just downloaded Alch120 trial for Win32 with no luck, using both DTools and the builtin emulation.

When I used Alcohol I set it to Safedisk 2/3.

I have a NEC3540 v1.03 firmware.

I still don’t work :sad:

Which settings did you use exactly? I also have a samsung w162, ripped with alcohol and safedisc profile, then daemon-tools with and without several emulation options on or off… didn’t work however :expressionless:

Could you guide me a little bit on this topic?

just a quick update: I found a post stating that Matlab backups don’t work with Daemon Tools !=4.01; however if I disable my CD/DVDROM in my notebook and pull it out (modular design ;-)) the backup works with D-Tools 4.03 without emulation. I believe this is because there is no IDE drive present other than those virtual cdroms…

another update: i enabled CloneCDs “Hide CDR Media” and then it worked with D-Tools 4.03 and my CDROM active

I don’t have Matlab, but have had problems until recently with another Safedisk 2/3 software, Rosetta Stone.

In alcohol the trick for me (at least i think this is what made it work finally) was to install Alcohol 120% using the expert mode and changing the name of the sys drivers when it offers you the chance. I also installed the DevSupp from the alcohol forum site.

Made an image and mounted it with no problem running it from emulation in A120%. Even was able to burn a backup disc.

My reader used is: BTCIDE5224

Hope that helps

and in the emulation enable ignore media type, and Luanch Cd/DVD…, and also BAD sector emulation

I was able to get Matlab 7 SV running perfectly by making a copy with CloneCD and using alcohol 52% as my virtual CD drive. No more carrying that stupid CD about. Thanks for the CD clone tip because nothing worked for me till now. I was able to image 6 with no problem, but 7 has been trouble.