Having trouble coping The 2 flix



Im having problems coping The Avaitor. DVDFab cant copy this movie. The next movie is Tears of the Sun, DVDFab copies it to a file but when i go to burn it, towards the finishing point i get an Error (using Nero Recode). These are the only movies i ever had problems with. if Admin can take care of this issue i would appriciate it. T.I.A.


What version (Gold, Platinum, Decrypter etc.) and release number of DVDFab are you using? Anybody else having problems with these titles? First I’ve heard of problems with The Aviator.


None signals, they are older movie’s. I’d say release dates at least 2 or more years ago. Both good movie’s, but they shouldn’t be a problem for Fab. There’s other issue’s here. Cervantes184 welcome to the club, and you’ll have to provide some more info, kind of burner, firmware last time you updated it etc ok . Thanks ~ Mike


Hi Cervantes184 and I second your welcome to cdfreaks.
Yup, Mike is exactly right.
“Tears” dvd was released on dvd 03/04 and “Aviator” dvd on 12/05. I bkup’d both flicks without any problems so there’s certainly no new copy protection at work here.
So the movies appear to rip without any errors?
Are you able to view the movies off the hdd?


If you read his post a little closer he said [B]“i get an Error ([U]using Nero Recode[/U])” [/B]
Don’t think the problem is with DVDFab


Well, I don’t think it’s clear at all.

This statement would lead me to believe that The Aviator failed on the rip, but again, it’s unclear which is why I asked about rip errors.

Here, I don’t know. Sounds as though the rip completed, but without errors?..which is why I asked if the movie was viewable off the hdd.

Some specifics (application, version, etc., etc.) and any error message/code received from nero or Fab would be most helpful.


Thanks for the invite. I have Plextor DVDR PX-716A, using DVDFab platinum now let me explain again. i ripped Tears of the Sun with dvdfab but when i was putting it on a dvd (using Nero Recode) towards the completion of the burn i got a msg thet said fail to burn. And for the Avaitor i get 5 mins into ripping it and i get no further. DVDFab cant burn it for me, but other then this excellant program.


Hi Cervantes184
2 Questions
Do you have both movies on your HDD :confused:
And if yes have you tried running them through “FixVTS” :confused:

If you do not have FixVTS you can download it from The FixVTS download page PLEASE (NOTE) after you download it and unzip the file, to run the program just open the unzipped folder and double click on the FixVTS icon because it does not put a shortcut on the start menu.
it will remove any blank or bad sectors in the VOB’s also will remove any layer breaks,when you run it open the VIDEO_TS folder and open the first VOB when FixVTS main screen is showing click on “FULL DISC”
(NOTE) you have an option for it to make a backup of the VIDEO_TS folder as it go’s through the process (which will be located inside the original VIDEO_TS folder)
Or you can choose not to make a backup of the VIDEO_TS folder by checking the box on the main screen of FixVTS

PS…it may or may not take care of the problem it is worth a try PLUS it is a good tool to have