Having trouble burning dvd's. have a couple questions



I burn the dvd on a disk. It works on my computer, visual and audio. I try and play it on a dvd player or my sisters computer and it dosent work. It said something like a codec is missing. I am wondering how I can fix this problem. The movie is Fight Club.

Any information is helpful, thanks!


Need more info, the best thing would be to post a burn log from whatever program you are using to burn.


Burn log would be helpful

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As far as DVD Player it may not play - R Disc or +R Disc whichever you are using, look in the manual to see.

As far as Sister computer, codec’s can be a problem, you can try the VLC player, link in my signature, it will play most anything, but haveing that burn log can help us more in helping you.


Ok Ill need to find out how to get a burn log. Im burning DvD-r disks so that might be the problem im not sure.

And im using DivX Player not any certain program. I dont know what to download to burn dvd’s im 100% new at this.


I tried to convert the files from .avi to a dvd format, and that didnt work. i am still waiting to see if it works on my sisters laptop but the dvd player is a no.

how do i get a burn log


Use DVD Flick. Set it your area, NTSC or PAL. Your sister probably needs an MPEG2 decoder, Use VLC or MPC or try installing this.



do i have to convert the file at all from avi? or can i burn it as that to work?