Having trouble burning dvd from IFO/VOB files

Hello all.
I recently bought the movie Deja Vu on dvd. I decided to back it up on my hard drive. However, I just saved the IFO & VBO files but did not burn it. Last week, I took the disk with me on a business trip. After voraciously looking for it today, I now believe that I must have left it behind on my trip. So, I decided to burn a copy from the files I have saved on my hard drive. I used the most recent updated Any & Clone to copy the files. I tried using the same programs to burn the files on a disk, but I just can’t seem to get it to work. For some reason, I am starting to think that I copied the files incorrectly to begin with…
I am running Windows XP. I have attached 2 screenshots, one of the error message in Clone and one picture of the files I have for the disk. If anyone can give me some insight into what’s going on with this, I sure would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for your help!


Well if those are all the files on your hdd then you have files missing…

vts_01 (all files for this set)
vts_02 (all files for this set)

How did you get the files on your hdd ??