Having trouble burning Battlefield 1942

Ummm. im new to all this but i needed to know wat DAO means cuz i read it in a thread by philamber…

Update: If you are attempting to copy The Sims Unleashed, Total Club Manager, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 or any other game protected with safedisc 2.8x or 2.9x, the only reliable methods are to use alcohol or make an image with discdump and burn that image with fireburner in either dao16 or dao96 mode. A discdump image burnt with nero in dao96 mode generally will also work but the copy will be inferior to one made using fireburner. Reports as to attempts (and my personal experience) with discjuggler, blindwrite, cdmate and burnatonce (image read with internal discdump) are mixed. There have been a number of successes but also a number of failures with those programs. Note: Although this thread is about software other than clonecd, with the current version of clonecd (, clonecd also falls into the hit or miss category along with discjuggler, blindwrite, cdmate and burnatonce.

plz help

[U]D[/U]isc [U]A[/U]t [U]O[/U]nce

wats disk at once suppose to mean

um. i just tried to burn BattleField 1942 and i followed the instructions from post 50778 and it didnt work???it is protected by safedisk 2.8… here’s what i did:

  1. i made a image with alcohol on both cd’s with the this on the left corner on sadfdisk 2/3…( i made a image as a iso)

  2. i opened fire burner and i loaded the BF 1942 disk 1…and i tryed to burn it…and it worked but when i put it in my drive again…my computer doesn’t even notice its their…

anyone plz help…plz :sad: PLZ

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where did i double post

are you aloud to delete a thread and post the same one(thread is deleted though)

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Ability to copy safedisc 2.8 is hardware dependant. What burner/s and other ordinary cd/dvd rom/s, if any, do you have?

i sent u a email about it

Why don’t you just discuss it here? We are here to educate others too…

True. Others with the same or similar problems may learn from any solution you find, or help you get. :wink:

wat u need to tell y its not working…well here’s my cd burner:

  • TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B
  • CE4732Q XUT890Z SCSI CdRom Device

(i dont know which one it is)

i right clicked on my cd burner drive (E) and went to properties - on tab to hardware ( i only added the cd/dvd rom devices… not the disk devices)

the empty cd’s i burnt the game onto are “Maxell CD-R” 74 mins…650 mb

if it doesnt work on this disk drive …still tell me how to do it so i could try…plz

give me direct directions like 1. …
2. …
3. …
thc. and please

if u need to nko anything else tell me on this post

Just read and write with your Lite-on using safedisc datatype settings with alcohol. Make sure that you install and run the game from the same drive and enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options if you want to run the game from a burner.

If that doesn’t work, then try with safedisc 2/3/4 dataype settings.

Burn to a cdrw rather than a cdr at the first instance to avoid coasters.

do i have to install before i burn

and on alcohol… i put is on safedisk 2/3 and it still didnt read disk

what image should i make them… i made it iso… usually its on mdf/mds…do i burn with alcohol or fire burner…cuz fireburner didnt work with iso file???

Make the image in mds/mdf format and burn with alcohol.