Having trouble burning a backup to DVD



Hi All,

I’m new on the forum.

I am having difficuty with one of my DVD burners (Benq DW 1620).

The basic story is this I use PQ Drive Image v6 (thru Dos) for my desktop and the LG 4163B burner works a treat everytime.

I use Acronis True Image v8 to make backups for my Laptop (on CDRom) with a bootable CD (no floppy on the Laptop), this works everytime.

Now the frustrating bit … if I try either of these programs on my son’s desktop using his Benq DW 1620 …

1/. True Image spits the media out and won’t accept it.

2/. PQ Drive Image tells me it requires two 4.7 Gb disks, but when the first disk is closing I get an error code #1805 image burning failed. :frowning:

I’ve tried using TDK 4.7Gb dual layer +R and Platinum -R discs but the problem is still there :confused:

The damn Beng DW 1620 will burn CDR’s no problem, and I have installed the latest firmware (B7V9).

Any body out there got any suggestions :bow:


son’s desktop system specs are ?


Burning movies to cdr’s usually means the format is VCD,SVCD,or DIVIX. Not familure with the programs you’re using, but those formats are different from DVD format burning and probably why it wont work.

Most use the free programs DVDSHRINK and or DVD DECRYPTER . Check the guide in the reply below your post.


I myself don’t much care for Acronis or PQ. I’ve used Ghost on many occasions creating bootable DVD’s or CD’s. Not sure about the Benq drive though, I pretty much stick to Sony.

http://www.softwareoutlet.com has Ghost 9.0 for $29.


The two programs work great on two PC’s but neither of them work on the BENQ 1620 … very strange :confused:

PQDI will burn the first back up DVD then fail before the second can be inserted