Having trouble backing up Seabiscuit

cd-burning is easy but as a new entrant into the world of dvd-burning, i’m feeling really frustrated so far.

i just got an nec nd-2500a last week and started backing up my movies. i’m using the burner to rip as well as burn…not concerned with wear and tear on the 2500a since i’ll probably just get another burner (second/third generation dual-layer burner) in a couple years anyway.

i used dvd xcopy gold and ripped “the two towers” easily. then i tried ripping “rescue heroes: the movie” and had problems. after aborting and restarting several times, it finally finished, burned successfully and played flawlessly on my samsung set-top player.

now i’m trying to rip “seabiscuit” and i’m having even more problems. i tried disabling norton antivirus. then i switched to dvd shrink, then i tried using alcohol 120%, and finally i tried using dvd decrypter…all of which failed to rip the movie. i went back to dvd xcopy and could rip disc 1 of 2, but disc 2 failed to rip again. :frowning:

dma is on, i’ve got an athlon xp 2000+ with 1 GB RAM running winXP.

do you think:
(a) the new drive is defective
(b) i must be doing something wrong
© “seabiscuit” is one tough sonuva itch to backup
(d) “seabiscuit” is too scratched (only one tiny, thin, lint-strand-sized mark on the disc)
(e) all of the above
(f) none of the above?

soooo frustrating!!!

I dont think you have fully detailed the problems you encountered.

Maybe you can be more precise, although I admit I havent tried to burn SB yet, but I doubt it has that complicated a protection that you cant “shrink” it to your hard-drive

I had no troubles with seabiscuit. dvddecrypter to rip, Instant Copy 8 to do the rest. I use a Lite-on 166 to rip.