Having Taiyo Yuden Problems on a Lite-On 811S

Hi, thank you for your time. I have these new taiyo yuden 8x dvd+r’s and I tried to record 3 of them using a Lite-0n 811s with the newest firmware ®. This is what happens when I try to play them. They all seem to pause every 10 or so seconds no matter what I do and the picture then freezes and doesnt continue until a second later when there is a loud whirring noise coming from the drive and only then the movie continues. What is going on? I’ve copied a file that was burned and it played perfectly on my hard drive but I dont know if they will play on a stand alone or if they are just bad discs or copies. Should I assume that the problem is the drive and that the recordings are good? I believe the discs are compatible with my drive (at least merit line says so) so I don’t know what to do. TDK’s 4x dvd+r worked great before and Taiyo Yuden are supposed to be the best. Can somebody help me?

p4p800E ASUS
2.8 OCed to 3.4
700 something of ddr 3200 ram
Windows XP
GForce 4400 ti 64mb

I’m not a real newbie but do need some help. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

are you sure that they are real ty? what brand were they bought under? even the bad batches of real ty that are floating around should burn at least ok at 8x.

edit: post a cdspeed transfer rate test, and a quality scan test – kprobe and cdspeed if possible.

Hi, thanx for your help. It’s really cool of you. I got an error with the Nerocdspeed prog about ‘media ejecting failed’. other than that, the drive made that strong whirring noise at the begining and here are the results:
Nero CD Speed Test results

ive attached the html file because i cant figure how to include it just relabel as an html file

General Information
Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version HS0R
Serial Number
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.10 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 1.54x
End 7.84x
Average 5.93x
Type CAV

Seek Times
Random 105 ms
1/3 116 ms
Full 186 ms

CPU Usage
1X 18 %
2X 29 %
4X 43 %
8X n/a

Burst Rate 23795 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 1.72 sec
Spin Down Time 1.84 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[20:34:52] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[20:44:34] 9:43 Speed:2-8 X CAV (5.93 X average)
[20:44:34] Starting Seek Times Test
[20:44:45] Random Seek: 105 ms
[20:44:57] 1/3 Seek: 116 ms
[20:45:15] 0:41 Full Seek: 186 ms
[20:45:15] Starting CPU Usage Test
[20:45:31] CPU usage at 1X: 18 %
[20:45:47] CPU usage at 2X: 29 %
[20:46:05] CPU usage at 4X: 43 %
[20:46:25] 1:10 CPU usage at 8X: n/a
[20:46:25] Starting Burst Rate Test
[20:46:27] 0:02 Interface burst rate: 23 MB/sec (23795 KB/sec)
[20:46:27] Starting Spin-Up/Down Test
[20:46:31] Spin-up time: 1.72 seconds
[20:46:43] 0:16 Spin-down time: 1.84 seconds
[20:46:43] Starting Load/Eject Test
[20:47:42] Error - MEDIA LOAD OR EJECT FAILED (045300)

LITE-ON_DVDRW_LDW-811S_HS0R.txt (8.54 KB)

that dosn’t really help…in the upper righthand corner of cd speed their is a little save button (icon). use it to save the image as a .png file – attach that. also under the extra’s tab select disc quality test and run one at 4x. save it the same way and post that also. also don’t forget to tell me what brand the ty were sold under…where you got them wouldn’t hurt either.

sorry I’m not being so helpful- here is the link to the dvd’s i bought http://www.meritline.com/taiyo-yuden-8x-dvd-plus-r-silver-thermal.html
I’ve included three png’s. I’m worried about the results of the quality test. The drive didnt make loud spinning noises every 10 secs like id does when i play something from it. Also, why so many errors in the begining? Anyway, you really seem to know your stuff. Maybe this will help, I’ve heard that the lite on model before mine (411s) has problems with nero. Maybe that has something to do with this? Thank you again

Ouch…not pretty – very bad burn --now you know why it is skiping…

mertline is very repuatable, so i am sure you got real ty. i tend to think that the problem is with the burner. all of the subpar ty that i have seen scans of always seem to crap out at the end of the disk and never in the beginning. are you using the latest firmware for your drive? if not, i would try updating. see below for a link. if after updating you still have the same problem then try some other brand of 8x capable media and compare the results. if your problem persisits i would say that it is the burner. at that point you can go back to 4x burning or buy a new burner (not a liteon).

Hi, OK. Thank you again. I am using HSOR firmware which seems to be the latest. In response to your speed comments, this recording has that skipping problem at 8x but another dvd has the same problem recorded at 4x. So maybe it is the drive? Which patch should I have, the patched or unscrambled? Another thing a friend suggested is to update my ANSI? What is that? Thanx for all your help. You are a real problem solver. If you conclude that the problem is the drive and to scrap it, could you recomend a great dual layer that I should get to replace this one? :slight_smile:
Oh and two more things. Is the data corrupt on the discs? and what should I do about the error from the Nerocdspeed prog about ‘media ejecting failed’?
Sorry so long. If I didnt think you knew your stuff I wouldnt ask

Do you have another DVD burner? If you do, you can certainly try your batch of TYs with that burner and see if its the DVD’s fault or not. But I am suspecting its the drive and not the DVD it self.

Guys, I need a new drive. I need a recomendation for a great dl and fast drive. The newest drives I’ve looked at seem to all have problems. ie Which company etc. preferably a problem free, fast and new drive. Money isnt really a problem. Thank you!!!

their is no such thing as a problem free drive. :wink: they all have their quirks…

if money is no object i would go with the plextor 716a. it has features coming out of it’s ying yang. it can even wite at 6x on verbatim 2.4x dl with very good quality. however, with all these features prpared to spend some time learning how to use them all. here is a link to the most current review that i am aware of with the latest firmware http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.php?reviewid=254. cdfreaks also has a review but it was done with firmware 1.02 which had major issues (now resolved) http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/170.

Since you are planning on scraping the drive anyway, why not try hacked firmware (or at least run omnipatcher on it). I had the same problem with ty and my liteon
But with the right firmware (currently running 851s@832s) ty now burns very good. Look at the first few posts in the liteon forum for info on omnipatcher and liteon firmware.

I just installed the same firmware ® but with all options checked and all recomended changes. The burn looks worse than before and this is at 4x. Thanx anyway

The nec3500 is a pretty popular and decent drive. It’s not to expensive either. If you do get another drive you can see if the ty media works ok or not. There has been some bad batches of ty 8x+r media going around. If it is the media, you’ll have a backup drive to use in another computer. You could also use them both in the same computer if you only have one (assuming that you have an ide channel and a bay open). Like spryfly said, all drives have thier strong and weak points. Some people but liteon drives just so they can run kprobe scans (a scanning utility similar to cd speed that only works on liteons).

that’s the only reason i have a liteon…liteon kinda sucks otherwise :wink:

Hey spryfly…

Don’t be doggen Liteon to ripit. As for jojob… What ASPI layer are you using. It should be 4.6 with a Litey. If you have Nero, use their system tools to verify. If it’s 4.7 go here http://www.cdrom-drivers.com/drivers/20/20300.htm This will get you 4.6. If that doesn’t work for you go to this link and follow instructions EXACTLY 1/ Download this file: http://clonecd.gearhost.net/clonecd/forceASPI17.zip
2/ Unzip it onto you Hard drive in a folder call ForceASPI
3/ Open the folder ForceASPI
5/ Reboot
6/ Open the folder ForceASPI
8/ Reboot

This link courtesy of CodeKing

Micro Center should have some NEC 3500A (aka Mad Dog 6 in 1). They were going for $55 last month after rebate. NEC 3520A should be okay, too. The BenQ 1620 is suppose to be very good, but recent shipments appear to have a quality control issue.

Thanx everyone for your replies. The 4.6 didnt do anything though. I’m looking at the Plextor I guess, because I grew up thinking the more you spend, the better the product. I don’t want to have to upgrade once the dual or double layers become the standard. I don’t know how much superior the Plextor is from the NEC and would like to know the difference as the Plextor is twice the price.

I don’t believe that "the more you spend " applies fully when it comes to DVD writers. Technology is just changing too fast. I would agree that it is best to avoid the absolute cheapest but would think twice before paying double for a Plextor ( living on past glories ? and pricing to match ? ). These days I expect a DVD writer to last from 6 months to a year and then be replaced. who needs a well built 2X DVD-R only drive ?

So even though I don’t expect a DVD drive to last for long I would not go for a Liteon ( too unreliable) and having just returned an NEC3520A for doing same to a Taiyo I would forget NEC. At the moment the most realiable reasonably priced writer seems to be the BenQ1620. But if a better drive is released next week for a reasonable price the BenQ’s will go in the skip.

Hey, thanks for the support Sportfish. I’m not going to jump up and down and say the liteon is great, you should keep it or anything. I am going to say that my liteon 851s has been a very good, reliable drive that burns lots of medias very well. It sounds like it was working pretty good for you with the previous media you were using. I’m not trying to talk you out of buying another drive either. I bought an nec3500 even though I already had the liteon (lots of people here have more than one burner).
What I am saying is I wouldn’t condem your liteon because of one media (especially because it is a media that is know to have bad batches going around). Buying another drive is a good way to improve media support. One drive might like media that the other doesn’t but that works both ways. There are medias that burn beter on my liteon than they do on my nec (and vica versa). Also, as you can see, from other posts, pick any drive and there is going to be somebody that doesn’t like it. Every drive is going to have it’s strong points and weak points. Your liteon is not a total piece of crap like a btc or something (now I’ll probably get slammed by someone that likes btc and thats fair I guess).
I think you will find that nec and benq are the most popular (but not the only good ones). If you go to the bargain basment you will see a thread about how great the verbatium (mitsubishi) media that is on sale at best buy is. If you go to the plextor forum, the first post (right now anyway) is someone that is getting bad burns with that same media and basically is saying the same thing you said, I thought this was suposed to be very good media but I’m getting crap burns. I bet you can find similar threads on the benq and nec forums too. I could go on and on about positive and negative things about various drives but why bother.
I am not trying to preach here, I’m just to put things in perspective. The best thing to do with any drive including your liteon is to find media/firmware combinations that work well with your drive and use them. Even with the same model of drive, same firmware and same media, it is not unheard of for one drive to like the combination and another to not like it. You have to find what works best with your drive, and scrapping a drive just because of one media doesn’t make much sence to me. Especially since it it a drive that has a specialized purpose that other brands of drives cannot do (kprobe scans). Getting another drive isn’t a bad idea and will liklly improve your media support (that is one of the reasons I got a second drive). If one burner doesn’t like a disk, perhaps the other will. You liteon may like a particular media beter than whatever drive you get though. benq and nec are very good drives for another drive. I really cannot say about plextor (good or bad as I’m not that farmiliar with them). Don’t expect a magic drive that will be problem free and burn any media perfectlly though as none of them will.
Just some food for thought.
Just on a side note. I’m not sure how much trouble you would want to go to to try to get the ty to burn on your liteon (you may have just decided to scrap the drive for all I know) but there are still options avalable (assuming that it is not a bad pack). You might want to look and see if there is a write strategy swap that has worked well for others with yuden000t02.

ok, let me revise my statement…liteon burners from the 1213 on kinda suck. :bigsmile:

i bought one only for kprobe scans …although i do have to admit that teh 12x ripping is kinda nice also. however, after burning a few pieces of media in it i have no intention of burning with it again. see the following thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=125924.