Having Super8 Movies Transferred to DVD-R

I am having 22 reels of super8 movies from the early '70’s transferred to DVD-R with a Mini DV master for backup.

I have a cd writer and don’t particularly want to buy a dvd writer, but I would like to be able to give a copy of the dvd to a few people (the people doing the transfer want $30 a copy). Offhand I don’t know anyone with a DVD writer, so I am wondering if there are places (like at the mall) that would make copies of the dvd for a reasonable amount.

I know I could copy a DVD to a Cd, but I don’t even have a DVD in my computer.

If not, I thought I would buy an Optorite DD0201 since it is around $110 with free shipping.

My question - can I copy a DVD-R to a DVD+R disc? From what I’ve read, I get the impression the quality is better with the DVD+R media. Thanks.

that is okay drive there you have mentioned. But if you spend just 40 dollars more you can get a tdk 440n which is + - writer and i have never had a problem. But yes if you get a dual burner you can copy the -r disc to a +r disc very easy.

I dont know anywhere at all that does them in a mall. I would suggest you try a computer store and see how much they will do it. Heck I backup stuff from vhs all the time in the town I live and i just charge Dvd . Yea I am cheap . LOL