Having some trouble with my 411s

Ok i’m sorry if I’m not following the rules. I’ve looked through a bunch of threads and cant really find anything relating to my problem. I’ll post what I think is relevent information.

I have a athlon xp, asus a7v333 motherboard, my DVD-Rom is a Liteon LTD-165H, and running winxp.

I updated the firmware to FS0F.

After updating I was able to burn 6 Ps2 games using TDK Dvd-R 2x disks made in Tawain. However I’ve been unable to burn anything since. A few times its given me a Unable to Read Disc and one time the buffers failed.

I’ve also tried making an image, instead of burning on the fly, but it failed while making the image, again a unable to read disc. or error reading disc.

Could this have to do with the dvds i’m trying to copy?

Before I updated firmware I got the unable to read disc errors while trying to burn a game, but after I updated I was able to burn that same game. So I dont think it has to do with the media. I also tried a 4x DVD-r Ritek and that failed too. Any suggestions?

Just tried again with a 4x +r My log from Nero is. Burn process started- Error Reading Data- Burn Process Failed