Having some problems with the program interface in Vista

I recently upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium. After installing DVDFabPlatinum3080, I get an error message when opening up the program. The error really isn’t an error per say and it’s not coming from within dvdfab, but more to the point Vista. I am using the Aero Desktop in Windows Vista so whenever I launch dvdfab I get a message saying the program doesn’t support Aero and that my desktop has been reduced to Vista Basic. It does indicate to me that when I close DVDFAB that it will return. DVDFAB works fine otherwise and burns nice too. Is there anyway to code or update DVDFAB in the future to work with Vista Aero. (Possible Feature Request). But what I really wanted to know for now is if there was a way to let vista know about this app and turn off the message I get when opening up DVDFAB.

Same thing happens here with Home Premium. I think it is the DVDFab interface that is incompatible with aero. Hope Fentago will adjust it in the future. Also, I can not preview in Vista, do you have that problem? Not able to use customize because of that.

I think you will find many programs that have problem with Vista. I have been reading a thread on ZD Net complaining that Intuit programs will not run on Vista. These are people that purchase several licenses and Intuit is a big company that makes accounting SW, could be because MS also makes accounting SW. For preview it might depend on your graphics card and the preview could be blocked by the protections MS built in for DRM. It may take awhile for fengtao to find a work around on some if Vista’s sensitivities.


The preview seems to use the overlay technique, which is incompatible to Aero and thus should be avoided! My preview is not working either and I’ve reported this several times, but nobody seems to care.

I just found out that when I move the DVDFab window constantly, the preview is working, but as soon as I keep the window still, it freezes again. This is clearly a bug of DVDFab! Something with the refresh of the overlay surface is wrong, but I guess nobody cares and so the problem will not be fixed.

I also have the same problem with FrasierCrane & I aint too happy as I bought the product and now it will not work.


The program like [U]hundred’s[/U] more have problems running on Vista due to the fact that it is a NEW operating system that just came out, it is not Fengtao’s fault that it is not working correctly with AERO on the Vista OS bugs will get worked on in due time.
Plus there are other members that are running Vista that have solved some of their problems or issues by modifing the settings within Vista itself :smiley:
So please don’t make it sound like Fengtao is the bad guy since he is not the one who upgraded your system


Very well spoken Tim :slight_smile: as some people are to quick to blame a program for problems when it indeed is their own fault for not checking into things first before they change their systems :confused:

YUP and as you can see in my sig I’ll be using Vista very very soon and have already found some very nice tweaks for the OS :bigsmile:
which I will be posting my finds and steps that I took for the tweaks :cool:

I was a beta tester for Vista. When it was retail released, MS gave me a copy of the 32 and a copy of the 64 bit Ultimate versions. I currently run the 32 bit. When I first starting using DVDFab, it would kick errors out every so often due to interface issues. I don’t know what Fengtao did, or when he did it, but I haven’t had a single issue with it since at least 3.1.x.x. It’s been running great for me. All my problems have ultimately ended up having something to do with the DVD’s themselves.

The responsibility of ensuring compatibility of any program for windows platform rest with the program designer and producer not with Microsoft. The VISTA was design first then others will have to come up with program that works with VISTA not other way around. .

I understand the problems with a new O/S and I was working with Microsoft in the UK when Windows XP was launched but it does say on the DVDFab site that it was working with Vista which it isnt. I just assumed that problems like not being able to play back the movie would have been spotted by now and a work-around or suggestion be implemented.

Hi keltica and welcome to the forum :smiley:
What do you mean “not being able to play back the movie” are talking about within WMP 11 :confused:

I have no problems with anything playing back on my copy of Vista running WMP 11. The ONLY movie that was a problem was Shrek 1. And it seemed I was one of the few that was having a problem, that it was working fine for others. Regardless of that, I told Fengtao about it and he has it fixed. Shrek 1 works like a champ on my system (both on my Zen and on my laptop). The few other movies that I was having a problem with are reported has having been fixed with this latest release. I’m about to test that right now :wink: How ever, I’m betting the issue does not lay in the fact that I’m using Vista, but something to do with the DVD and DVDFab itself. That’s why Fengtao asks EXACTLY what version of the DVD people have problems with.

As for playback - After a fresh install I always run out and download the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack. I download the full version. It’s free and has just about every coded Windows 2k/XP/Vista should ever need. It even comes with players to handle the stuff the WMP can’t :wink: It’s a great codec pack.


Hello StormJumper, my problem is the preview window is not working and I have seen your post where you changed the graphic card but I have a laptop where that option is probably not possible.


:disagree: hello I got Windows Vista Home Premium and I don’t have any problen everything is fine … :clap:

Hi jgfuntime,
I was just wondering if there was a reason for installing DVDFabPlatinum3080, when the latest version available to purchase is Just a question, cause if I am correct was released only 9 days after Vista was available and that was here in the U.S.
Try a newer version and YOUR problem may have already been taken care of. If you are trying to use a free version (even that should be the newer version), all you have to do is ask and Fengtao may have this on the next FREE upgrade.
:smiley: :smiley:

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I was reading on ZD Net that there will be a SP 1 released for Vista soon. Also beware the is a Trojan that mimics the activation process, so make sure that you are on MS Site.

Also an article [B]“Vista = Windows ME II”[/B] on ZD Net or PC magazine.

keltica : Need a little more information, like what mode are you using and so forth, the preview window will only work in the main movie mode not the full movie, I don’t know about the other modes as I don’t use them. Just the preview window is not working is kinda hard to nail down