Having some problems with DVRflash - trying to make my drive region free . PZ help

Hi I am trying to make my 108 region free. I have been Reading up on it for the last hour but I am totally confused. :confused:

from checking in "device manager I have a pioneer DVR-108 and I am running a original firmware from the pioneer site.

Ok I have then downloaded this rar file from this site http://gradius.rpc1.org/

Product RETIRED!
(Pioneer do not support this drive anymore!)
(support DVD-R @ 16x max and DVD-RW @ 4x max

v1.20 (RPC-1 + unlock ripping speed only)"

OK… I then go in the folder and open Dvrflash and it basically says

Device D
Vendor Pioneer
Model DVD-RW DVR-108
Revision 1.20

This bit confuses me

" Now run DVRflash again, from the command prompt, using one of the devices listed above as the first parametre

Press return to exit "

I am sorry if this is obvious but I have no idea what to do. I cant type any type of command prompt as by pressing return it exits the command screen.

Sorry for being so thick guys !! have been trying for ages and as a last resort I have came here for help.

thanks for any help its most appreciate !!!

DVRFlash comes with a readme, every step is explained.

Start by entering cmd and then HELP, to get an info about basic DOS commands.

any one else help ?


download this (dvrupdate) and extract it to a folder, also put the RPC-1 firmware in that folder and then run and browse to the firmware (+ kernel if needed)

thanks so much mate that was nice and easy :slight_smile:

thats ok, i’m hopeless with cmd lines, so i think this is the easier way for flashing a 108 :slight_smile:

Easier… well, yes.

Safest? Hmmm… no.

@jamieuk147: Whilst BJ has supplied an apparently working Windows alternative, chef’s suggestion is the universally accepted best practice for flashing CD and DVD writers. You simply should do it from MS-DOS, and if you intend to do this more frequently with other drives, take the time to learn how to do it. Sadly the cyberworld is festooned with reports of Windows-based flashers destroying drives.