Having some problems with a Yamaha CRW3200E



I just got a Yamaha CRW3200E, and updated the firmware to 1.0d on a 1.6A P4, Gigabyte 8ITXE mobo, with 256 megs of RDRAM on XP SP1, and the drive won’t recongize any cd I pop into it, like commerically pressed CD’s or blank cd’s… Could this be a busted drive? The BIOS detects it, and Windows see it, CloneCD kept searching for media… and the original firmware was 1.0b and I upgraded it to 1.0d so I don’t think it’s busted, I hope it’s not…



Fixed it, changed it from UDMA mode to PIO mode, I know there’s a ‘performance’ loss, but if it works, I couldn’t be happier.