Having some issue on LG GSA-H55N (v1.5)

Dear all hope you guys can help me or give me some advise on my issue.

This is my first time using a DVD writer so you can consider me as a noob. I’m currently using a newly bought LG GSA-H55N with firmware v1.5 patch using mcse and using Nero 8.2.80.

First of all I’m having some dilemma on choosing the correct bitsetting/bookytpe for my burning. After going through the forum. I understand that choosing bitsetting/booktype as DVD-ROM is the most recommended setting.

But when I choose this Booktype set to DVD-Rom and proceed with burning. The burning will go smoothly and completed without any error and it will able to be read by the dvdrw itself but when I tried to put it into my Sony dvdrom (DDU1621) it wouldn’t able to read it. The led light will light up and it just seems to be stuck there and the content from the dvd not able to be read.

When I change the Booktype to Physical disc type (DVD+R) everything goes smoothly and when I put into my Sony dvdrom it will able to read the content without any problem.

So currently I’m not sure whether is the Booktype that I choose which cause the burn media not readable or is the lg dvdrw having problem or is it that my Sony dvdrom issue.
Hope some guys over here will able to shade some light. :bow:

I suspect the SONY DVD-ROM is old because its troubling here, and it is the only one troubling.
You may search for an firmware update or just have to live with not bitsetting DVD+R media to DVD-ROM.

Thank you cheft for your reply :). I had went and borrow my friends Samsung dvdrom to tried out and all my burned dvd seems readable by his dvdrom. So I guess it should be my Sony dvdrom kinda out dated. But I don’t understand, shouldn’t setting the Booktype to DVD-Rom should be able to be read by all the dvdrom?

Not necessarily. Booktyping was put there to help with compatibility with older devices. Some DVD-ROMs can still read the media without it though, and you just happen to have a DVD-ROM that doesn’t like booktyped media.

Many people only bother to employ booktyping if they find they need it. So no need to worry. :flower:

As an example, also the Toshiba 1612 has that “flaw”, because when it were produced DVD+R media, especially booktyped DVD+R/RW media had no influence and was not spread well. Also, Toshiba always was a member of the -R/-RW section/forum. Nowadays they back up the HD-DVD side.
2 choices: Either don’t use Bt’ed media in such drives or find an updated firmware.

BTW, the DDU1621 has which firmware on?

A newer firmware might help so, as chef also suggests, give it a try.

Guys, thank you for all your replies. I think the firmware in my DDU1621 dvdrom should be up to date. I’m currently using etna’s rpc1 s4.2. It should be a much more newer version than the one given by talos_2002. I have been using this firmware for quite sometimes without any much issue. Too bad, I think Sony had stop updating their firmware for this model because I couldn’t find anymore newer firmware from their site.

Anyway I guess I should be able to live with it else I can just go get myself another new dvdrom or dvdburner since the price is kinda cheap nowadays compare to last time.

Yup, grab another DVD-ROM or a burner for 15 respectively 30 bucks…

Could you supply the H55N flash tools? thank you.
It seems the winflash can not support H55N firmware.