Having some errors, and dont know why..PLEASE HELP!

Ok, i have a Asus 5224A 2 Sheep writer, i have used Alcohol 120%, Disk Dump, and Fireburner. I haven’t however used Alcohol 120 since i got my 2 sheep writer, only with my plextor. Ok so heres the problem…I read the tutorial on how to copy a disc using disk dump and fireburner, so i got the most current versions of each software. I created disc images of the following games using disc dump: Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, Splinter Cell, Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast, Ghost Recon Island Thunder, Ghost Recon Desert Siege, and Battlefield 1942. Oh yeah and i have the most current clony and use that to get the encryption of each disc. So anyways I burned the images using the same settings in the tutorial in fireburner 2.17 after burning all of the games i decided to give em the test…make sure everything installs and plays just fine. Battlefield 1942, and both of the Ghost recon expansion installed without a hitch, and played perfectly. Now Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, and Splinter Cell games that are both multi disc, and both only have safedisc on the last disc had CRC errors on the first disc, and wouldnt complete install. And Jedi Outcast has not encryption either and had the same error. So my question is Why am I getting CRC error? Is this disk dump and fireburner method really that great, i mean i used alcohol 120 and a 1 sheep burner and made working copies of both raven shield and splinter cell that just turned out to have some sound problems later on while playing them. So should I go back to the Alcohol method…I just dont need anymore coasters.

Whoa - use the ASUS on SafeDisc with CloneCD (ignore feature) or Alcohol for good backups. Forget the other apps for the moment and use YAPS as your scanner. CloneCD profiles are in the eponymous forum and Alcohol is point and click.

Tips for SecuROM in the Recording Forum :slight_smile:

Media could be your problem.

Im using Sony 48x Cd-rs…thanks for the info…I’ll give that a try and if no go, then new discs.