Having Size Problems?

C’mon, we’ve all been there.

Standing over the urinal, holding our most precious possession, and a bloke comes and stands next to you, you happen to catch a glance, not that your gay, or perhaps you are and decide to appreciate the view, and said guy is bloody Huge / Petite.

If you’re a woman, or you haven’t got the idea, the question doesn’t apply to you :wink:

The question is - How big are you?

Wrong: Guess what I have in my hand
Right: Guess what I have in my hands

Tweezers is the right answer :wink:

You wanna talk about land mammals or ocean mammals? 'cause them blue whales are not only long in body size, they probably have dongs that’s bigger than you.

Speaking of size, I need to trim my jungle, 'cause it’s getty freaky down there. Man, it looks like I’m growing a weed forest down there. Damn.

Like so?

Like this: http://www.snopes.com/photos/graphics/whale.jpg :bow: :eek:

I’m still bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I haven’t measured it
  2. I am 14. Much smaller than you guys there :stuck_out_tongue:

My football-mates told me that I should have been black.

Peter North is jealous of me

does that satisfy the question?

btw quite frankly, I don’t care a single bit

Who’s Peter North?

Was that a compliment on the size of your wang, or an insult regarding the way you behave?

It’s my nick name. And no I’m not jealous of Dee, 'cause he know damn well, I’ve started in more porn than him.

So … you were the schoolgirl then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or are you african american? :wink:

I can be a black school girl w/ an ass the size of hams, if the price is right, to satisfy your fetish.

Have a look here :wink:

Hey, I have 2 or 3 pornos with this guy… (And no, they’re not gay porno… :p)

Actually one of them is my favorite… Do you want me to tell you the scenario ? It’s interesting! :wink:

i’m checking my enormous collection now… Who knows, i may have all of his movies…

I’m glad you cleared up, cos the impression that you give … :iagree:
I dunno.

Welcome back …

“Women are good, women are yummy”

Keep repeating that RedHatted and you’ll be fine :bigsmile:

/me falls off my chair laughing. :bigsmile:
/me gets funny looks :eek: from all the other engineers :iagree:

Hey, I’ve seen that thing before Da_Tax…

Oh, I just remembered… It’s in my pants (special order, so the beast stays in and don’t cause any injuries).


I think you’ve mistaken the persons. The one you are talking about is dansy.