Having Size Problems

Hi everyone,
Friends, am slightly confused with my original Windows XP CD. When I put the disk in the drive & check the properties, it shows that 531 MB space has been used. But when I copy & paste the data from the CD to a folder on my had drive & check the folder properties, it shows the size 756 MB. :confused: How is this possible.
Further, if i make an image of the CD using Nero, the image size is 531MB which is correct. But for my purpose I need to copy & paste the data from the XP CD as I have to make a slipstream XP integrated with Service Pack 1. After the integration is complete, the folder size increases to 790 MB. So what do we get, a 790 MB folder to burn to a 700 MB CD-R using Nero. How is that possible, I don’t know. Please suggest a method to so. Is there any other method by which a slipstream CD integrated with SP1 can be made.
Many Thanks.

Burner – ASUS 52X24X52 (don’t hv a dvd burner yet)

Don’t worry about the sizes. This happens. If you burn the image you have it WILL fit onto a 700mb cd.

Because there is no protection on the WindowsXP disk you can just do a DiskToDisk copy.

hehe … that was quick . Thanks. Yeah you are right that I can make a disc to disc copy for WINXP with no problem . But actually i don’t want to make a 1:1 copy of my Xp CD, instead i have to copy the files & folders of that CD to my hard disk so that the service pack installer can update those files .
OK i will explain more deeply
-> I copy the contents( all files n folders) of the WINXP CD to E:\XP-CD
-> From E:\XP-SP1 (i extracted SP1 in this folder) , i give the command to integrate E:\XP-CD (“E:\XP-SP1\update\update.exe /s:E:\XP-CD” to be exact)
-> SP1 automatically updates the folder E:\XP-CD
-> Now I have to burn the updated folder E:\XP-CD to CD-R using Nero but its size is almost 790 MB . This is the problem

Thanks & sorry for such long posts

Thats odd. It should be less than 550MB when slipstreamed. You havent accidentally duplicated anything have you? I found this guide very useful when I created slipstreamed discs myself.

BTW, the size doesnt matter… (okay in some cases it does :p)

Hey, I used the same guide mate & am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the integration process.
The more i try to investigate, the more i’m getting confused. I insert the XP CD & from CD-ROM properties it shows 531 MB. If I explore the drive (r-click explore) , then select everything (Ctrl-A) & then r-click properties it says 756 MB. What is this ? :confused:
After further investigation, i think it has something to do with my original copy of Windows. I brought my friends XP-CD which is a pirated or cracked version. CD-ROM properties suggest it is 488 MB & when i copy it, i get almost the same size.
So why it isn’t the same for my original disc. I am really losing out here. I hope somebody has a solution or atleast can explain this strange phenomena. Does Microsoft use some kind of Compression system or any special technique. Damn Microsoft, always creates problems for the legitmate users.

IIRC, Microsoft does some tricks with the file directories in that a given file or files is pointed to from more than one location on the CD. Similar to a shortcut, but it makes it appear like the file is actually in a given directory, even though it is really not. The CD-ROM properties dialog is showing the actual size, while exploring the drive is counting the size of a number of files multifple times making it appear to be bigger than it actually is.

i think you are right Callahan. i copied the CD as it is to the hard disc & scanned that folder for duplicate files using System Mechanic Pro . And guess what i found --> " 179.87 MB found in 4985 files "
e.g. E:\XP-CD\I386\L_10646.TT_
E:\XP-CD\USWXP32P_ZX\WINDOWS__0X017F\l_10646.ttf are identical according to the software (same size & date).
This is just one of the 4985 identical files found. End result, even more confusion.
Do you know of any software that can copy the contents that are actually present on the CD & neglect the ones that just appear to be there but actually aren’t. i’ve searched a lot but could only find CD-emulators or image making softwares.
Thanks a lot.

Are you reading the actual Size? or the “Size On Disk”

Size on disk can be alot higher as the cd may have many, many small files.

How about Xcopy? :slight_smile:

Run a command prompt.
Kill explorer :slight_smile:
type Xcopy /? to get instructions.

U need to copy a files complete with directory structure / attributes/ etc :wink:

The size is different because there are duplicate files on the XP CD. Microsoft uses pointers to reference the duplicate files, thus avoiding the file duplication. Search for a program called cdimage.exe and use the -o option to optimize storage by encoding duplicate files only once. This will probably shrink your image so that it will fit on a CD.

On second thought, Airhead is correct the filesize should be small enough without using cdimage.exe. In my case even the ISO image was only 535 Megs and I included floppy disc boot images and other utilities in an additional subdirectory. So you must be doing something wrong.

Womble, Airhead, Callahan, debro, BlackWolf . Thanks a lot for the help guys.
I think i now know what to do . After updating the XP folder with Service Pack 1, I’ll burn it with Nero to Image Recorder. I get a 790mb image file of my slipsream CD, now i mount it on a virtual drive & using CDImage as BlackWolf said i can actually get a much smaller iso file which can be easily burnt to a CD.
Cheers .
But a small problem, I don’t know the commands (lol , am just 13 yrs old). All i need to know is the command that makes an iso image of my virtual drive[I:] . And its all done then .
Burrrraah …

1.) When you burn it to an image using Nero’s image recorder, just choose ISO as the type of image that you wish to burn if you want an ISO image. If you already have an image (.NRG) which you can mount why don’t you just use Nero to burn the image (.NRG) to CD?

2.) You need to follow the guide or one like it that Airhead referenced or your disc will not be bootable. There is more to this process than just slipstreaming the files into the hard drive folder and then making a CD out of them. Remember that all IBM compatible PCs start to load the boot code at 07C0h and the boot code for XP is 2048 bytes long, that’s 4 x 512 byte sectors. You need to select the no emulation mode. You also need to extract the boot code from your old CD to include in the compilation of the new one. ISObuster should do it.

3.) If you use cdimage.exe, and I don’t think it’s necessary in this case, just type the file name without any parameters and the options and how to use them are self explanatory. Just burn the ISO image with Nero.

I strongly recommend that you use the guide that Airhead suggested as that is the most straightforward. I hope that I haven’t complicated things further for you.

Best Wishes!

Could be fliesystems differences your HD is prolly NTFS but Cd’s use FATC I think as their filesystem, that might be the problem…

Finally, I have done it :slight_smile:
BlackWolf, I need to mention special thanks to u friend.
The solution to anybody having problems like me is :-
–>Copy the XP CD as it is
–>use IsoBuster to extract the boot image file & save it in bin format
–>Now integrate the folder (where CD was copied) with SP1
–>Make an iso image of that folder using CDImage(use the boot & -o options also)
–>Burn that iso using Nero . :wink: Thats It
Thanks to all of you once again

Just a quick thought .
Now that i have made the CD, so will i be able to activate it. I mean, does Microsoft supports such disks or are they illegal ?

Activation relies solely on the code you have and the hardware the code is locked to.

The slipstreamed cd is no different to the Windows XP SP1 / SP2 cd’s that Microsoft sends out. And microsoft has given every user the right to upgrade/patch the security flaws in winxp.

Hence the CD is legal in every way.

You don’t actually license the cd. You license the use of the OS, the manifestation of which is the cd-key.

Thanks buddy .
hehe … here goes the cd in the drive & fffffff format … haha

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