Having SATA CD issues

ok since ive gotten no help from TSF.com ive come here in GREAT hopes of getting some help, im litterally tearing my hair out over this! here goes: (copies and pastes from TSF)

hi, i had an error 31 with my cd/dvd drive a few months back and i fixed it, all was well, well then recently my cd drive would just stop workin in the middle of watching a movie or listening to a cd and wmp would freeze up and then i wouldnt be able to open my cd player. i looked under device manager and nothing was found for cd/dvd drives. i looked in my computer and nothing was there either (the cd drive was drive D-primary slave right?) so i decided after many days of restarting mmy computer repetitively hoping it would fix, that i would open my case up, disconnect all the wires and plug them back in (the ones to the cd drive). so i did. well i started my computer back up, it recognizes a d drive but now it says “Local Disk (D:)” and it has a HUGE question mark (?) next to it under my computer, and device manager still doesnt list and cd/dvd drives. when i double click on it it says its RAW with 0 capacity for everything. can anyone tell me whats going on? im so confused, i was going to renistall windows but now i cant because the cd drive isnt working :confused: please help me!

ok so ummm, after a prolonged amount of time of searching my issue online, and doing everything all suggestions told me to do, i now stand with some interesting facts that i have questions on…

  1. now when i restart my computer i get an error that says AHCI BIOS not installed, ATA 0, SATA-1 not detected, strike F1 to continue with startup, F2 to BIOS

im not really sure what that means

ive repetitively opened my case up and replugged in all the cd cables, nothing seems to work
last time i restarted my computer i had a continuous green light on my cd drive. is it doing all these errors maybe because my cd drive is dead?
ive ordered a new drive but im scared that im going to get it and install it and it will do the same thing

is the sata thing because my cd drive isnt working?
whats with the ahci bios thing? would all this correct with a new cd drive? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!! im going insane!!!