Having probs with ed*onkey

Well i downloaded latest version of this software installed it and exe. it well the proggy starts and tries to connect but says cant connect to every server it tries not like kazaa or Winmx they work fine.
Any help would be appreciated(Settings i am missing or something)

Win me
56 modem
P3 450Mhz

come on guys someone tell me how to connect to edonkey

First, download a new (updated) server list from: http://www.thedonkeynetwork.com/cgi-thedonkeynetwork/tdn.pl

Rename the downloaded file to “server.met” and copy it to your eDonkey program directory.

Next, check the option “always stay connected” in the options menu of eDonkey.

Finally, press the green connect-button.

This should do the job.

thanks for that i will try it as sson as i get home from work

One thing about E-Donkey is that you actually don’t need to be connected for it to download files.
All you need is a valid E-Donkey link … like the ones … you know at the *****reactor place !!

Finding things in E-Donkey by the means of searching … not the best way.

tried what both of you suggested but has not worked for me. I cannot connect no matter what i do. I updated the server.met and always connect, i also went to *****reactors place and clicked on the links but no joy
pl help

Sometimes E-Donkey connects right away and sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes to connect.

Are you using a firewall? If so, try to disable it.

If you are behind a firewall, e-donkey will not work. If you know the sys admin (or can bribe him/her/it :stuck_out_tongue: ), ask for a Socks 4/5 port number or https port number.

Enter the details in e-donkey and it will work.