Having probs overburning

Im having problems overburning with my Liteon LTR-24102B 5S5A Firmware. I use Nero and Nero CD speed to test the cd out, it says it will burn to 82:26.21 (724mb). . Im using TDK Cdr Gold. Then I use CD Speed to test the surface of the disk after overburning it to 80:07.41 (704mb). My results are good: 88.67%, Damaged 9.46% Unreadable 1.87%. Im going to try some different media. Has anyone been able to overburn using TDKs? Ive even tried burning it at 8x and it was even worse at a slower speed. Has anyone got any ideas?

Try overburning in DAO mode.

done that already, DAO is the only mode you can use, Ive been finalizing my sessions, tried also without finalizing too. No difference :confused:

I never overburn more than to max +1 min over the official capacity.

The test in Nero CD-Speed is not a real life test and you can’t write up to this value with data as both Lead out/lead in and Table of content needs some space.

I use 90/99min discs if I need more space.

Thanks burnproof & OC-Freak

I only tried to burn 7 seconds over. 80:07.41 (704mb).

III just have to get some 90mins cds.

I have overburnt upto 84+ minutes on a 80 minute CD. The burner was the Liteon 16101B. Disc is readable without any errors / read problems.

What brand was the media used for that?

Prodisc unbranded :slight_smile:

have you had much success with other brands?

I had a successful overburn, with different media… :cool:
TDK’s didnt wanna play the game.

I haven’t tried too many brands as yet. Ritek too could be overburnt to 84+ minutes.

I would just buy 90mins cds If u want to go over 80mins.
I could only get about 83mins out of datasafe media. Cd players cd rom drivers do not like reading cds that have be overburnt.You seem to get more errors and i would only burn max 1min over the specf type of blank disk.