Having problems1

i forgive my ignorance if this is in the wrong thread as this is my 1st time posting.

I need help, ive just bought nero 7 and the dvd plugin and everything runs fine as it should and burns onto the dvd but when i go to play it back on the computer to make sure nothing happens and everything frezzes up…thats problem no.1 problem no.2 is when i try to play it in a few dvd players i have it wont read the disk…and say" this disk is not playable please try another"

any help would be greatly appreciate as ive gone through a shed load of disks and still nothing.

P.s all the movies are either mpg or avi files

Convert files to .vob if you want to put them on a DVD and play them on a DVD player.

If you want to load your mpg/avi files into a program, convert them to DVD vob files, and burn them to a DVD with a menu that plays when you insert the disc into a stand-alone DVD player, you can try “DVDstyler” which is a free program.
Download it here: http://www.dvdstyler.de/