Having problems with The Last Sin Eater, and Stomp the Yard


I am having problems with 2 new releases, The Last Sin Eater, and Stomp the Yard. Just started this problem last week. When I put the movie in my optical drive, it spins a bit, then nothing… no reading the disc. It’s like its not there. So, if I can’t play it, I can’t burn it. I use DVDCloner4, never had a problem. They both play in my stand alones. This is really bugging me. Any Suggestions?

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OK Thanks!

Thanks for nothing. I thought someone would help. These are new releases…didn’t you ever hear of buying a new release on Tuesdays? I guess not. Well I buy, then burn for myself. Then, when my family or friends want to watch, we watch the burned ones to keepsake my good ones!

Thanks for nothing. I thought someone would help.

Maybe no one here has purchased these movies yet.
Try DVDFab HD Decrypter.

Thank you for noticing, you are very kind, but my problem lies with the fact they won’t even show up in my pc’s dvd player. It tells me to insert disc. Therefore, I am unable to use anything. Nothing has recognized the disc yet. Only 2 titled thus far have given me problems. The only difference in the ones that play and the ones that won’t are that the discs themselves are a light amber in color. I find this a bit stange. But, anyway, Thanks for writing!

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Is it only happening with these 2 DVDs?

What happens when you try to play these DVDs in a computer player like MPC (Media Player Classic)?

I wonder if these DVDs are using an autostop feature. What usually happens when you put a regular DVD in?? Does it start playing?

Hi Gary,

Yes, only these 2.

They won’t play, they are not recognized by either of my optical drives at all. It’s wierd, its like they’re just not there.

However, they do play in my stand alone.

This is a new pc running Vista, my built in optical is an Atapi, and my add on is a Sony.

I have tried everything to get these discs to play, but so far, nothing. They are not Blu-Ray or HD. I just don’t understand, if it is a new copyright protection, how it knows not to play in a pc, but will play in a standalone. Very strange.

If you have any thoughts, I’d really appreciate it.

What is an auto stop feature? Oh, and yes, all others would play but I have auto play turned off right now.

Have you tried starting the program and then inserting the disc?

Yes, I have. When I go to my computer and click on the picture of my dvd rom, there is nothing there. No disc at all. That is why this is so baffling to me. If my dvd rom doesn’t read it, its useless. The disc will spin for a few seconds, then notta.

I had a problem similar to this. I started the movie with PowerDvd, then paused it, started up DvdFab and it found it. I then closed PowerDvd and continued with DvdFab.

This auto stop feature is activated when you put the disk in the drive.

When you put a disc in the drive, you can set it up to play or rip automatically in Win XP. The safest thing you can do for your computer is to tell Win XP to do nothing when anything is inserted into your drive.

I think AnyDVD will stop auto-stop and I know a recently defunct program stopped it. It is usually activated by the autoplay feature.

Here is a link to an article that explains on how to use Tweak UI on how to disable the autoplay feature of your drive.

Hello Gary,

I have tried anyDVD, no luck. My dvd rom just won’t read it. I have tried everything for 2 weeks now, I think thats the sign…to give up! Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all who responded to my post. I have replaced my 4 month old dvd writer with a new Sony, and everything is fine!