Having problems with star wars movies

I am unable to rip correctly some of the star wars movies esp. revenge of the sith. What I am trying to do is rip the main movie with one audio track, no subtitles and then convert to mpg. When I get the one main vob or just play the 1st vob, right after the lucasfilm logo fades the "long time ago, etc. and the starwars logo are either skipped over or pixelated and jumps to the scrolling. The rest of the movie plays fine. But you can’t leave out the starwars intro like that! I have used dvd decrypter, dvdfab decrypter, anydvd, and dvd shrink. Always same result. Anyone have problems extracting the main movie like this?
Just to make sure wasn’t something interfering I ripped xmen3 just fine.
Someone help me please!!


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Try to rip it with RipIt4Me. http://www.ripit4me.org/

Thanks for the quick response.
So is this a known issue with star wars dvds?

Probably related to the copyprotection used and not only Star Wars.

Latest AnyDVD and dvdfabdecrypter should do the ripping as well.

I have good results with RipIt4Me.

Try it and report back.

Yeah I used the latest anydvd and dvdfab decrypter.
I will try ripit4me and see how that goes.
It justs bothers me if someone else uses the same ripping programs and it works, then why would it not work for me.


Ok got it to work. Ripit4me worked. Used the wizard mode and when I opened it in DVDShrink it was still showing the different languages so I just did re-author mode and pulled the main title and one english language and it worked. Almost like it took two rips in order to get rid of the other languages or angles. Weird
Thanks for your help