Having problems with size of mpeg



Hello to all!

This is my first post so please, do be gentle with me :slight_smile:

The reason for posting is that I have a huge problem that i cant resolve by myself so I am asking you to help me if you can.

I have two video clips (divx). Video clips are about 40 minutes long and about 360Mb big.
I have two subtitles for the two video clips.
I merge them in VirtualDub (version 1.6.1 build 22022) and they come out great. I make the files with XVid and the files are about 800Mb big.

Now i need them to be MPG in order to make a VCD for the two clips on one CD.

I used TMPGEnc (version 2.510.49.157 core version 1.94.144) to make the video (avi) files into MPG.
The files are 400Mb large.
I need them to be at least 350Mb because i want the two clips on one CD(700Mb).

I played around with the Rate control mode and the Bitrate.
Somewhere i read that the Rate control mode should be at Constant bitrate (CBR) and Bitrate at 1150kbits/sec.
Then i lowered the bitrate at 940kbits/sec. and TMPGEnc said that it will make them 348Mb but however the files ARE STILL 400Mb!! :frowning:

I dont understand this. And the odd thing is that no matter how big i make the files in VirtualDub, they still come out 400Mb from TMPGEnc. When i use the project wizard, in Step 4.. the Estimated file size is 400Mb or 57% of disk capacity. And this could not be changed except if i make the bitrate at a lower value, but it still makes the files 400Mb. Im going out of my mind with this! :frowning:

What can I do to make the files smaller? I can`t cut inside the clips. And when i did cut inside the clips (just to try it out) … and when i made the clip last 35 minutes, in the wizard it said Estimated file size 350Mb. I clicked to make the MPEG and IT DID actually make it 350Mb. This is the part when i wanted to throw my PC from the window! :slight_smile: I mean… is 10 minutes equal to 100Mb? And 20 minutes equal to 200Mb??? Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

Is there some way inside TMPGEnc (or perhaps, some other software) that will help me keep the Bitrate at 1150kbits/sec. and the Constant bitrate (CBR), but make the files just a litle bit smaller.

Does the aspect ratio matter? I put it to be 4:3 625 line (PAL) and the Video arrange method at Full screen (keep aspect ratio 2).
What if i changed the Rate control mode to one of the other choices like 2-pass VBR or Constant Quality or Automatic VBR? That wouldn`t be a PAL VCD right?
Or what if i changed the size to some other size? Current size is 352x288. Could i change the size without affecting the VCD? What about the Frame rate?

gggggrrrr. I know i`m being a pain in the you know what but i need this done asap.

I would me most gratefull if someone gives me a solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

P.S. Pleeeease dont give me advice on how i should burn one clip on one CD and the other clip on another CD, because i really need the two clips on one CD.


A VCD is quite specific. It must be 1150kbps at 352x240.
The running time of the clips determines the filesize.
Unless you can cut some of the clip, it will never fit.
Changing the Rate control, or the aspect ratio will do nothing to filesize.
You do have an option, but no guarantees it will play on your standalone.
Don’t run the wizard.
Set the output to mpeg-1, 352x288 (PAL) at 25fps, but lower the bitrate until they both fit on the CD.
This is a non-standard mpeg-1.
At 80 minutes running time, the bitrate must be no more than 1125kbps, and probably slightly less, just to make sure.


Instead of merging the two files in Vdub I would convert each of the files separately in Tmpgenc and burn each converted file on a separate cd. Unless you’re more concerned about file size than quality. If so then do as “reboot” stated.