Having Problems with my SH-W162Z

I have recently installed a Samsung SH-W162Z to replace an aging Lite-On 411S. I have both hooked up now and the Lite-On is still working fine, but I am having trouble with the Samsung. While writing the lite on the burner stops blinking for one to two seconds, the speed goes way down, and the buffers go nuts multiple times. Playability is fine despite these problems, but takes much longer than it should. I have the latest firmware, hooked it up properly, and am writing at the proper speed for the burner/media. The Samsung is the master drive and DMA is on. The problem is present on all software I have tried, Decrypter/ImgBurn, Alcohol 120%, and Nero.

Thinking it may have been a hardware problem, I sent the drive back. However the replacement does the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Either its not on DMa mode or you should replace the ide cable/remove the litey.

I tried both of your suggestions, but am still having no luck. Any other suggestions?

then use Nero cd dvd speeds to perform tests!

In Nero testing the speed will go straight up to 16X with no problems. However, when burning an iso file everything goes haywire when I hit a speed of 7.1 and the problems continue for the rest of the burn.

what are your system specs?

My full specs are at this website with the exception of the extra RAM, total is 760 Mb.


can you show us a cd-dvd speed create disc graph?

I ran another scan and did have some problems. I need to know how to post the screenshot taken via the alt+prt scr method, step by step. I’ve got it saved as “Nero Scan” in My Documents.

Thanks for the help

Searched the forums and found my answer. Here are Create Disc and Disc Quality scans (one of them may be a candidate for the hall of shame). When I burn with ImgBurn or any other program the speed doesn’t jump back to the previous speed level immediately and continue rising as in the scan, but rather it takes about 10 seconds to reach the previous speed and after several dips won’t go back above 4X.

A few things here: A) Samsung doesn’t make very good burners. B) Scan at 4x, not 2x. C) Ritek F1 isn’t the greatest of media, it’s average I’d say, bearing in mind that Ritek media has given people problems in the past couple years. You should expect to get better results than what you are seeing here though. D) Ritek F1 doesn’t have good firmware support (one of the newer 16x media codes and support was added later than most media), update your burner’s firmware to the latest available version. E) 16x media rarely burns as well at 16x as it does at 12x, try burning at 12x or even 8x to see what sort of results you get. I don’t suggest going below 8x though, as most media doesn’t burn well at more than 1 full speed below its rated speed (below 16x at 8x, 8x at 4x, etc.).

Edit: I should have read your post more thoroughly, although what I said above remains true and still applies. If you are reaching full 16x speeds properly as the create data disc test shows and yet are having slowdowns when burning an ISO image, I would look into the possibility that your hard drive is significantly fragmented and that you need to run a disk defragmenter on it. To help somewhat with this problem, in many burning programs you can increase the buffer size used, such as in Nero Burning Rom and ImgBurn. For example, try upping the buffer a significant amount such as to 128MB in ImgBurn and try burning one of the discs at 12x, and report back the results. Another thing, on my system Nero Burning Rom’s buffer remains much more stable under difficult conditions such as multitasking or fragmented files, compared to other programs such as ImgBurn. Why this is, I honestly don’t know.

I tried you suggestions scoobie, none made a difference. My disc did need defragmenting, but doing so didn’t improve my burning problems. Increasing the buffer didn’t work either. I’ve also tried burning TDK 16X media with similar results, as my burner just isn’t working the way it should be.

I also tried updating BIOS and updating some of the drivers for my computer, neither worked. I did a little poking around in BIOS and would like to confirm that the following settings are as they should be.

I’m on Ultra DMA mode 2

My DVD drives are the secondary master (Samsung) and the secondary slave (lite-on) with my 1 hard drive as the primary master.

I would also like to know the correct I/O device configuration (if that would make a difference)

Finally, I would like to know if these problems could be the result of a power problem (such as power supply going bad or an inadequate power supply)

Thanks for the help

does it still drop down to 8x at the same point? try to burn an iso with cd-dvd speed.

I did two different scans this time, one simulated (which is what the last one was) that is much improved, the other burn image (which is horrible and a more accurate representation of what I’ve been dealing with. I guess I should have burned an image in cd/dvd speed before, but the default was simulation, so I just went with that. The drive does the same thing at 12X, 8X, and 4X to different degrees. I should also mention that I did not do anything with the jumpers of either drive (so they both may be set to master), could that be the cause of the problem, and if so how can I fix it.

there’s nothing wrong with that. that’s just samsung’s dual opc kicking in and dropping the speed of the burn in order to preserve quality. it will happen to any drive that does opc during the burn, including benqs, liteons w/ test f/w, plextors, nec, just to name a few. if you really want to burn @16x with no quality problems you probably want to stick with Verbatim 16x media. (either MCC03RG20 or MCC004)

Correct, this is a normal function of OPC and is typical of most newer drives. And as seeker010 says, the drive is lowering the speed in an attempt to maintain decent quality. You can lay the blame on both the drive and media in this case, as better burners can burn the media better, and at higher speeds. But the lesser quality of the Ritek media also plays a role in this, obviously. While Samsung drives aren’t great, with better media it will likely burn 16x without having to slow down. I would also suggest Verbatim +R (MCC04) as a good starting point for good media that’s readily available and can burn at 16x well with most burners. Even so, I would suggest trying 12x rather than 16x as the difference in burn speed is minor and the burn quality will be improved.

I should have posted those scans from the start, sorry for wasting everyone’s time. Thanks for the help and for teaching me a thing or two. Since my lite-on is quite old, it must not have that function and I wasn’t expecting any slowdown.