Having problems with my movies

HI there. Im not very computer educated. I just know enough to do wat i need to do until now. I’ve been burning backup copies of dvds and would like to label them with those stickers that get printed.
I hav purchased a cd/dvd labelling kit ( DickSmith) brand and only now found a site to download the dvd labels thanks to ur forum. The thing is i cant get my saved file that has been downloaded, into the programe that came with the labelling kit (DesignExpress cd maker). Im sure there must b a easy way to do this or is there a better, quicker programme that i can download to make this job easier.??? Any help would b very great.

cdcovers has alot of cd/dvd covers. the one’s i d/l were in jpeg format. You’re sofftware should say what formats it supports

Coverxp Pro

i would advice not to put labels on dvd`s as it will affect play back if the label is out of ballance because of the high speeds they spin at.

but if you must Test 1 first.

I tended to do labels for my DVDs but I’ve heeded the advice generally not to use labels for the reason ako suggested.

I didn’t experience any problems in particular but it’s best to play safe.

I guess the best way would be direct printing on printable DVDs or (once the prices drop) Lightscribe.

Best to just use a Sharpie to write on the tops of the DVDs if there’s anything you want there to identify it. AKO is right: the label will affect playback and depending on the label, can even warp the disk and affect the quality of the recorded data. Some people have had ritek labeled disks and had them fail because of that label on it.