Having problems with my LTR-48125W

My system specs are:

400w power supply
Windows XP Professional
Lite-On LTR-48125W
Lite-On 16x DVD (48x cdrom)
Geforce4Ti4400 video card
WD-100gb HDD 7200 rpm

I have all hte settings correct. I have the HDD on the Primary master and the 48125W on the Secondary Master. The Primary slave is set as my DVD rom.

I have all the jumpers set accordingly, master to master and slave to slave.

Ever since I did a system restore Nero has been acting really dumb when burning cds. I just tried to burn an audio cd and it crapped out about 75% done. The read buffer when all the way to 0% and back while the recording buffer went to about 30% or so.

I’m pretty sure I have my dvd and cdr roms set to Ultra DMA, but I’m not totally positive. I checked in my system settings for both drives and it said DMA if available, so that’s what I picked as my choice.

Before burning an audio cd, I tried a data cd and it worked fine at 48x. It just doesn’t work on audio. I’ve updated my flash from the liteon website and that hadn’t helped at all either.

What am I supposed to do to be able to burn music cds at 48x?

Thanks for any help,
the lite-on noob

What’s your source for the audio burn? What does device manager have to say about the IDE controllers? (Should be DMA enabled). If data is burning at 48x from the HD , then audio will too, unless you’re converting MP3’s or some such thing.

DMA is enabled on both IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Both the Primary and Secondary IDE channels. The source drive that I’m using is my DVD player, a LITEON DVD-ROM LTD-165H.

The audio wasn’t burning from my cd when I tested it, I was doing “On the fly”, which worked fine not to long ago.

I’m wondering if I should give it back to Newegg and get a new one instead. I’m getting angry that it happens to me so often.

Previously my friend, who is intelligent with pc’s, installed adaptec easy cd creater 5 platinum and it supposedly worked fine. I tried almost the same thing by installing Easy CD creator 4, but it gave me problems saying that if it installs the drivers it will make Windows XP run improperly.

I went into NERO’s help file and it said that if I’m having problems I should defrag my HDD, will that help it out a lot?

Try burning from the HD, not from the DVD. I’m pretty sure that this problem is not the burner’s fault, as you stated that it is burning data from the HD at 48x. Also be sure to disable the native XP burning app.

In your IDE Channel Properties, what is shown for “Current Transfer Mode” for the devices on each channel?

Defragging the hard drive is always a good idea. :wink:

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Try burning from the HD, not from the DVD. I’m pretty sure that this problem is not the burner’s fault, as you stated that it is burning data from the HD at 48x. Also be sure to disable the native XP burning app.

How would I go about disabling hte XP burning app? In the system settings or what?

Hey Intertia:

My current transfer modes are as follows:
Primary IDE channel
Device 0–>Ultra DMA mode 5
Device 1–>Ultra DMA mode 3

Secondary IDE
Device 0–>Ultra DMA mode 2

Just for reference in this post, my CDR is on my Secondary Master and my DVD is on my Primary Master.

I know that the problem must be something to do with my burner. THe reason I say is because when I burn things from my HDD to cds, it works fine. The opposite of that is fine to, ripping to the hdd works great as well. On the fly is the only problems I’ve been having.

What method are you using in Nero for burning audio on the fly, Audio CD (Drag & Drop) or CD Copy?

CD COPY @ 48x

Your DVD drive cannot copy audio at 48x.

Yes it can, it did it from before and now i’m wondering why it can’t burn Audio at 48x.

You already reported that the read buffer dropped during the burn. This can ONLY be caused by the DVD drive not delivering data fast enough. If you will just copy the data to HD first, you should see that the burner is quite capable of burning at 48x, just as it did with data. There are any number of reasons why the DVD drive might be too slow, the most common might be that the disc being copied is damaged or dirty. If you run CDSpeed with the same audio CD, it’ll give you an indicator of how fast it may be able to copy. The source drive needs to be slightly faster than the burner, or you need an adequate read buffer size to make up the difference. (I use an 80MB read buffer, cause I have the RAM available to do so). You haven’t reported anything here to indicate a problem with your burner. The burner cannot be faulted for not having an adequately fast supply of data to burn.
Try the same copy at 40x or 32x, if you don’t wish to copy to the HD first.

Is it harder on the DVD rom to read the audio? I’m guessing it is because of it working fine with On the fly for data cds @ 48x.

Thanks for the conformation, but I just find it weird it doesn’t work liked it used to. It was fine before windows F’ed it up.

You could try it on the same IDE channel as the burner, works fine here for copies.

Looks like the disc you are copying has a problem.

You should be able to copy audio on the fly at 48x with the Liteon DVD-ROM as the reader when the source disc is free of defects.

Unfortunately, as rdgrimes pointed out, the drive is having trouble reading this audio disc. When this happens, the drive speed drops.

This CD is not a good candidate for on the fly burning due to the reading difficulty, and should be first extracted to the hard drive before burning.

Thanks guys, it was the Rush 1981-1987 cd, it must have been an older format or just too old or scratched…I dunno.

I tested the read speed of a different cd, and it was fine. It didn’t go down to the crapper at all.