Having problems with lite on SOHW-832S


Im a new member and this is my first post.

I was looking for posts regarding this specific drive, but i couldnt see any so here goes…

i have just recently bought a new desktop pc and at first i thought the disks they gave me with the PC were faulty/ scratched, but they exchanged them and they still didnt work, so i must have a faulty drive.
i should add that i bought the PC without any OS and I then installed a copied version of Xp
maybe that has somthing to do with the drive malfunction i dont know?
Every thing else works ok, i can burn cds, i can watch dvds but its burning them is the problem, the disks i got with the computer still dont run,

im a bit of a novice and a newbie to dvd and cd burning!!

asrock mainboard p4i65gv
i865GV , 2XDUAL DDR , AGP IN board, 4 x ATA , 2 X SA
intel pent. 4, 3.0GHz

if you can throw any light on the subject i would be greatful


Welcome :slight_smile:

Can you post a Nero Infotool report from your system.

FYI, to attach it, click “quotepost” on this post, and then use “manage attachments”.

I hope this is what you need, please dont hesitate if you need further information


Yes, well done.

1/ Firstly you should update your firmware. You will find VS0E on my site. Just follow the link in my signature to the firmware page.
2/ Make you 832S the master and the 167T the slave.
3/ Install ASPI 4.60. You can get it here.
4/ Try removing InCD.

Also check out [post=748377]this post[/post].

Your system config is fine, but your VS04 firmware is too old. Upgrade to VS0E.
Can you be more specific about your burning problem ? Post the media codes of the DVDs you use. You can read them with DVD Identifier or KProbe. Also post a kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scan. Check the sticky FAQ and Tools Collection threads for infos where to get the tools.