Having problems with hp dv2000 notebook DVD-RW Drive

[qanda]This thread is about the HP Pavilion tx2000z CTO Notebook PC. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi i recently bought a laptop from ebay, but the a-hole that sold it didn’t describe any problems with the laptop…

now that i got it and am using it, i have realized it seems to have some problem with it’s CD-Rom.

the thing is the dvd drive takes SO long to recognize and read DVDs or CDs. i was even LUCKY that i was able to do a clean fresh install of windows vista.

everything else on the computer is working, this is NOT a software problem, because it took almost 5 retries to make it read the windows vista dvd.

and it took it almost 20 seconds to show me the “press any key to boot from cd drive…” prompt! and we all know that prompt only takes any normal Drive no more than 7 seconds~!!!

so i noticed it was really slow since i tried installing windows. i also notice that it keeps doing this constant “reading/clicking” sound whenever i put a cd/dvd in it, and it does it constantly, and never stops. it is as if it is having a hard time reading the discs.

so further testing i tried to play a DVD on it, and it has HUGE delay, i mean it DOES play it eventually, which is good because it lets me know that the drive DOES work, but it seems to be having some type of problem…

i’m not sure if a firmware upgrade will do it, or if it would have to open it up and go in and see what is happening…

can anyone give me some expert advice on how to proceed with this problem?? :eek: