Having problems with FIFA 2002?

I just posted the article Having problems with FIFA 2002 ?.

Here’s some interesting info on some of the copy-protections this new EA Sports game uses. Thanks goes to DXLR8 for submitting this information to us via our populair forum:

FIFA 2002 is EA’s…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2785-Having-problems-with-FIFA-2002-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2785-Having-problems-with-FIFA-2002-.html)

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The fact that it makes an entry into the registry about which drive it’s installed from sounds more like a bug than a protection… I remember old games almost always had that problem cuz back then it wasn’t standard to have two CD-ROM’s (i.e. CD-ROM + burner)… If they are indeed using that entry as some sort of protection, they must be the lamest little idiots to walk this earth! :wink:

Wierd I keep hearing about all these problems with “backups” worked for me flawlessly from the get go. I don’t know I’m just lucky I guess.

I would like to know what kind of burner you own Puckster. :slight_smile:

0 probs with the Italian version using my wonderful PlexWriter 24/10/40 with 1.02 firmware… :d (SafeDisc V2 detected by Clony)

Just got the UK version. Backed up using LiteOn with CloneCD. Settings: - Subchannel for data: on (turned on just for the sake of it) - Fast error skip: on - Read at max speed setting (24x) - Write at max read setting (24x) I’m still puzzled at those who says that it only works at slower writing speed setting?

Sorry, I meant 32x read setting and CloneCD v3.1.1.0. The back-up only works in my Toshiba DVD SD-M1502, ASUS 32x CD drive. The recorder does not work because of ability to read ATIP.

Hijglander: I have 2 burners a 12/10/32 Plex for easy fast burns and a Plex scsi 8/20 for all my pain in the ass burns such as SD2 games. Hope that helps. :smiley:

Puckster the problem only occurs when you install the game from your cd writer and then try to play it with your cd reader. You probaly just installed and ran the game from your reader in which case you would not encounter any problems.

What a coincidence :slight_smile: Just yesterday my little brother brought me FIFA 2002 to copy it for two of his friends. And with my wise chosen HW had no problem at all :4 Plex 24 and CloneCD rule!!

Beast,there is no problem what so eva in being able to copy the game. Any safedisk 2 capable burner can. The problem is with intsalling the game, as Installing the game with your cdwriter and trying to play the game with your reader will cause the game to ask for the cd, even if you are using the orignal CD…

Hey Puckster wee have exactly the same hardware. kewl

DXLR8 I’m trying to burn the FIFA 2002 but whenever trying to run the burned copy the backround flashcreen pops up but I get the “Please insert the Correct CD ROM, select OK and restart the application” message. I burned it on my machine that has two drives the reader and burner. You mentioned before that you fixed this by changing the registry setting for the actual CD drive Letter…Which registry setting is it? In my case I placed the original on the G: drive and the blank copy on the H: drive. How should I go about switching those bastards? Did you get this same error message before changing the registry settings? Let me know–in the meantime I’ll be screwing with it untill figuring it out. Peace Michelob :4

I have a TDK 16/10/40 and I have this issue. I copied it with this drive and am attempting to run it on a Creative 52x. I copied it with Nero 5.5. Has anybody burned successfully with a TDK 16/10/40? If so maybe it’s just the fact that I burned it with Nero and that’s why it doesn’t work. Perhaps I need to burn it again with Clone CD. If my hardware is ok then is there anything I can do with the burned copy that I have now (other then it being a coaster?) For instance can I open it up in WinISO or some program to fix this issue and then re-burn it to another CD? Or am I just out of luck and need to burn it again from the original? ~TIA :slight_smile: