Having problems with DVD profiles in Clone CD

I am trying to make image files for dvds in Clonecd. When i click on my cd burner… all the profiles show up in the profile window… but when i click on my burner, only the dvd profile shows up, and i cannot edit it or make a new one because all the menu options in the drop down are greyed out.

This only happened with the recent download of…

with the older version… i cant remember which one i was running, it worked fine… can someone please help.

I almost forgot to mention… when i place a cd in the DVD writer drive… then all the cd profiles show up as well… its just when i put a dvd in that i cannot seem to make new profiles or edit the dvd profile… which is the only one that shows up in there.

also, i am using a sony DRU-710A burner.

well. if you have a cd in the drive, all the profiles will appear (except dvd profile) and you can modify them…if you have a dvd profile…only the dvd profile appears and you can’t modify it…there’s nothing wrong…it’s just like that.