Having Problems with CloneDVD

I just got cloneDVD and AnyDVD, and got through the anyDVD part and into cloneDVD and got the files written to my harddrive to be burned onto the cd, but while it starts the process it gets about 5-10% burned before my entire computer freezes, which is turn ruins the blank disc. Was wondering if im doing something wrong? help!

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What burner have you got, what media do you use & what speed do you burn at?

Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , using the disc info tab, will give us the answer to the first 2 questions.

my burner is just a Toshiba CD/DVD+R

and the fastest i can burn at is 8x

Please give us the info from CD-DVD Speed as I requested. With this info we can help you more.

In that app once you’ve done it the image can be saved by using the Floppy icon at top right. Save the image in png format & then upload it here using the Manage Attachments under Go Advanced on the post screen.

i think this is it

I’d try another media brand since i’ve read that other users had problems with CMC’sin combination with this drive, also maybe there’s meanwhile a new firmware out. Have you checked what the latest firmware is?

There is a firmware upgrade for your burner. Don’t know if it’ll help but it’s a good starting point. Get it here .
Click on Firmware updates , middle right & follow the instructions.

The other thing to do is check that DMA is enabled for your burner. Check this link .

I’m out for a while now, I’m sure Rapid_Fire can help further once you’ve done these things, should this not have solved the problem.