Having problems with cd and dvd drives

hey there got a problem with my cd and dvd drives,it happened yesterday i think its a simple problem but im not sure how to fix it.The problem is that when i put a disk into the drives it wont refesh, for example say i put in disk 1 and take it out and then insert disk 2, if i go into my computer the icon still has disk 1 up. O and another thing is that when i insert a disk it wont autoplay so i have to go into my computer and start it up that way, as i said this only happened yesterday. can any one help please and thaks

Hi there!

This may sound awfully stupid, but did you try to do a reboot? Sometimes this issue occurs and a reboot seems to fix it :).

yeah tried that but keeps happening every time i turn computer on, the drives do not auto play whan i put cds or dvds in to them

What O/S is in use?