Having problems with both drives they will not play a DVD

I’m new to this. Can anyone help me troubleshoot both of my drives they are both DVD/CD ROM and they will not play a DVD
One of my friends got me an external DVD/CD drive which runs it plays music but I cannot get it to play a movie
Can someone please help I have checked my configuration everything seems to be in the order it should I don’t know what to do
Windows X. P.

Dell c 600 latitude
Intel Pentium three
701 MHZ
256MB of RAM

Teac cd-224E

What software do you have for playing movies? You have to have software. And check your devices in device manager and make sure it isn’t showing any problems.

cyber link DVD
Power DVD and every time I put in a DVD it says
a disk with an unsupported format in drive e
I have checked my device manager and everything seems to be in working order I have used this drive and software about half a year ago and it was working and then I disconnected it and remove the software.
I do not know why it’s not working

I removed all software because I was not using it
there’s no point in having it if I’m not going to use it so that’s what I’m trying to connect it once again but as you can see I’m having trouble with it

thank you very much I reset my configuration to default and now some movies play yet some others I still get the same response about unsupported format and there’s also one other thing when I do play movies about every other minute they get choppy do you know what I can do to fix that

Are backup copies where the problem is?

Could be less than stellar media…