Having Problems With Backing Up Xbox Games



Hi All, we got our xbox approx 1 year ago I had it modded within the last month and I am still having practically no luck in backing them up the games.

I have the pc and xbox networked with a crossover cable. Used Flashfxp to ftp the game from the xbox to pc. Slow but no prob.

I have tried qwix, clonexb, craxtion4 xiso and a few others. (but not gdfimage as i haven’t been able to find a copy yet)
So far I have managed to back up ford racing 3 (on a cd), Spiderman2(only once).

I have been able to ftp every game back to the xbox hdd and they work perfectly from the hdd, but this is a very slow way of changing games on the xbox.

I have two pioneers dvd burners a dvr107 & dvr108, I use them to copy movies and have very few problems doing so.
The people who modded the xbox suggested i make sure i had aspi drivers loaded, and that my firmware was up to date but this has made no difference.
If any can help it would be much appreciated as this is started to drive me nuts.


Also i have tried different media brands.
ritek dvd-r
Data bank dvd-r
tdk dvd+rw


We need more info here. Which DVD-ROM drive do you have in your XBOX? What program(s) are you using to burn your XBOX ISO files to DVD? Which Ritek DVD-R are you using? (ie 8x G05, 4x G04, 4x M02). Who actually makes Databank DVD-R? What Bios/modchip are you using? Sorry about all of the questions but if you answer these it can help us narrow down the problem. :wink:


also what dash are you running on the xbox and what app are you using to copy the games to the xbox hdd?


Did you check our console forum part?


i AM USING nero burning rom 6. also have tried dvd decrypter.My dash version is 3935.


I use craxtion4 to make the xiso, burn at the slowest speed (2.4x or 2) using dvd decrypter, dvd+r i use, and it works in my thomson, or upgrade hdd and use that :slight_smile: