Having Problems Using Nero Burning Software. Please Help?



I really hope there is someone out there who can help me with a problem I'm having.

I recently bought an external dvd writer so I can write/burn some video files onto a dvd disc. But the ending result is that I've had to keep breaking the discs into pieces and throwing them away because it's not working out how I expect it to. And the resulting dvd isn't working on my dvd player. :frowning:

Firstly, the disc types I've been using are dvd+r and dvd-r.
Are both of these none format type discs?
How exactly do these work?

I read something on the internet which said dvd-rw is better.
If I'm right, this disc type can be formatted, right?
No need for breaking my discs this way. :stuck_out_tongue:
I ordered a pack of them over the internet recently. (from Ebay)
So I'm waiting for it to arrive.

The dvd writer I ordered, came with a disc asking me to install various
pieces of software, also including a Nero 10 package with related software in it. ("Nero Start Smart 10," "Nero BackItUp," "Nero Express" e.t.c)

I've currently been trying to use Nero Express to Burn my video files onto a dvd disc, (in ".bup," ".vob" and ".ifo") but in my attempt I keep getting an error which looks like this. :frowning:


It says the files reallocation failed.
What does "reallocation" mean?
Why am I getting this error in my attempt to burn the files? :frowning:

I have also attempted to burn to a disc with a trial version of "Nero Burning ROM 12" but I'm still getting the same problem here. :frowning:

I really hope there is someone out there who can help me out soon enough please?
Can someone explain, if they know where I'm going wrong and help me to fix it please?


Where did the original files that you are trying to burn come from? Camera, camcorder, cell phone, ect.


I wasn’t sure whether to mention this or not, because it may not be known in any other countries apart from the uk where I am.
But I’ll explain it since it might help.

There is a website called bbci player.
It can be used to watch and download your favourite t.v. programmes from bbc channels over here in the u.k.

I downloaded a series of documentaries from it, and the result was in
.wmv format. So I used some software (AVS is usually quite good)
to change the format of each one into .AVI, then into video files, (".bup," “.vob” and “.ifo”) put into Video_TS and Audio_TS Folders.

Then afterwards, I loaded up the Nero Express software, loaded my video files (.bup, .vob and .ifo) onto it, opened the disc in my dvd writer, (clicking the appropriate drive on my pc) and in an attempt to burn the files, I ended up with the error as I have explained above.

I’m hoping this extra info will enable you/anyone to help me to sort out where I’m going wrong and to try and correct it in the end.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


Try another converter, eg the free xmediarecode.
Use Imgburn as burnsoftware.


Have you tried making backup copies of commercial DVDs, and does the problem occur in that situation? If the problem exists for that situation too, then the problem may be that a firmware update for the burner is needed or poor quality blank media.