Having Problems upgrading LTR-48246S, Please help

I’m running Windows 98 and I’m trying to upgrade a LTR-48246S to a LTR-52246S. I downloaded the firmware for the LTR-52246S and unzipped the file then tried to run the program to do the upgrade, and this is what I got.

This flash utility supports LiteON-IT LTR-52246S drive with firmware 6S01-6SOD. Please remove disk and close all applications before run this utility! Don’t turn off the system while the flash is in progress!
Do you wish to continue?
I said Yes
and I got Error:
Can’t found LTR-52246S firmware 6S01-6SOD drive! This flash utility only supports LTR-52246S firmware! 6SO1-6SOD.

Detected drives:

0.0.0: Elby DVD-ROM 1.0
1.0-0: Liteon DVD-ROM LTD163D GHR6
1-1-0: liteon LTR-48246S SS06

Do you understand what this all means?
Do you know how to perform upgrade?
Thanks for your help.

Someone didn’t do their homework!

Yeah, of course the updater will not flash a drive that it isn’t meant for. Patch the flasher with FlashFix.

Where do I get flashfix from? and what is the procedure for using it.


OK, I got flashfix and all is well now - Thank you very much to all of you that responded.
My lite-on 48x24x48x s now a 52x24x52x