Having problems reading DVD DL disks on Sony CRX-320EE

I bought a Sony CRX-320EE CDRW/DVD combo today. The main reason for buying it was because both my DVD burner (NEC 2500A) and my previous DVD ROM (Asus E616) refuses to read some of the new DVD DL (DVD9) disks. I got a very good price for the combo drive which made me buy it over a dedicated DVD ROM. However some of the disks rejected by previous drive are also rejected by this new drive. But the funny thing is when I use a tool like Nero DVD speed or DVD Decryptor they detect a disk in the drive and gives disk info as DVD+R DL 8GB bla,bla…. But cant play the movie or rip it. Both tools gives disk / file errors. However when the disk is inserted it quickly stops spinning after few blinks as if it successfully recognized the disk. Where as when it is inserted to other 2 drives (NEC / Asus) they keep on trying for quite a long time and finally give up, and when Nero / DVD decryptor is used they report as no disk. So I have a feeling that it is not actually a problem with the hardware but some problem with firmware or some other issue which actually blocks me from reading the disks. I also don’t think it’s a DVD region problem cos the drive has no region selected yet. And the disk is a region free one (checked it on another PC).
I searched in the net trying to find a firmware update but couldn’t find any for this particular model. There is another model CRX-320E (mine is 320EE) and there is a firmware update at Sony site which says it will provide better DVD DL support, but that firmware program says my drive is incompatible with the 320E model. And I only saw very few places in the web (less than 5) selling this particular EE model, but there are quite a number of places having the E model. So I guess this is either a revised very new product of the E drive (my drive is manufactured 2005 April) or some special OEM version.

Sorry for having to post a long question, but I wanted to let you guys know exactly what my weird problem is. So any of you guys have an idea on how to fix this? I could return this and get a separate DVD drive but the price is so good (a special offer), so I would really like keep it.

BTW I read the thread : FAQ: My optical drive doesn’t recognize discs (like they should be)… but it didn’t provide me with good enough answers :wink: . I just want to know whether anyone has experienced this problem with this particular model or at least with 320E model.

So no one has a clue to what the problem might be ? Anyways while I was browsing the net I came across a Lite-On model SOHC-5235K it looks exactly like my drive and the specs are identical. Since the CRX-320E looks exactly like Lite-On SOHC-5232K and can be flashed with the same firmware, will I be able to do the same with this one ? I have a strong feeling that CRX-320E and Lite-On 5235K are the same since the model name is very close to 5232K and came after it. Any thoughts ?

Links :
SOHC - 5232K
SOHC - 5235K

I just found another Lite-On model : SOHC-5236 . And it looks exactly the same and has exactly the same specs as the 5235K model. Why are these ppl making so many models with same specs and same look? I really cant understand :confused: . Either they are putting out all experimental models to the market without testing internally hoping to get them tested by customers :frowning: or it is just a marketing gimmick, or they are doing it for fun. What ever the reason it sucks ! :Z

I have a CRX-320EE here also, that I want to cross-flash to the OEM LiteOn SOHC-5236K, but so far have been unable to do so.

I am doing some more research…

Good luck to you.

Without and actual and up to date firmware you drive cannot READ DVD±DL discs ever.