Having problems reading commercial dvd movies

I have a lite on dual layer burner, and it reads my dvd r media and cd r media fine. Will burn anything fine also, I just have problems reading dvd movies. I have the ati dvd decoder installed that came with my radeon. I will attach my nero infotool text that tells you all about my drive and what I have installed. I really need help or this drive is gonna be sent back. Thank you so much for your time.

Exactly what sort of problems - please describe in more detail.

I have tried playing my Dvd movies That I have bought which are region 1. I have tried about 10 different ones and had luck with 2 of them loading up and being reconized under my computer. My drive just acts very inconsistent and wont read movies for some reason. It will read dvd r disks fine and even play a movie that I have burned on a dvd r. Also It will play audio and burn audio disks fine. I dont know what else I really can go into detail about, this is my problem.

OK, this is the sort of detail I’m talking about - DVD playing software, any error messages, what happens when you hit play (error message, freezeup, etc), movies which play up.

What happens if you try to view any of these problem discs in Windows Explorer?

When a dvd is inserted it will either load up with auto run and start playing in the ati media player. But I have only had luck with two movies I own. With disks that wont load after being inserted my drive makes a interesting noise that only results from the dvd’s that dont boot or show up under my computer. I have a the ati dvd decoder installed and that hasnt helped. But before installing the decoder dvds did not play any better or more consistent.

Have you tried starting Windows Media Player & opening the disc manually?