Having problems play backup copies on most stand alone dvd players

Hi, I have a BenQ (Model #DW822A) this a DVD burner Disc Formats DVD’s as follows:
Write: DVD+R 4.7GB, DVD+RW 4.7GB, DVD-R 4.7GB, DVD-RW 4.7GB (Close session),
Read: DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18, DVD+R/-R/+RW/-RWCD-DA

so getting back it covers all the formats available and I am using this drive on Windows XP Pro with AnyDVD and CloneDVD with blank 4.7Gig -R (4X AN32) discs. With this environment everything works fine on any computer when I play my backup copy of any of my collectable movies but it won’t play on my standalone dvd player (stuck on loading) while others stand alone dvd players come up with error but it seems to work fine on one of my friends standalone DVD player. My standalone dvd player is a Toshiba SD1600 and he has this entry level Koss dvd player. I then tried it on a few more standalone dvd players and they all don’t seem to work. Seems like the dvd players are looking for something and when they don’t find it they end up causing an error. Could someone see if they have any useful suggestion.

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Normally I would say “Maybe your Toshiba don’t like -R’s”, “and try +R’s”, but from my little research you Standalone DVD will play -R’s. It is possible that it will play the -R’s, but maybe not like the media you are using, try a different Media, I am not sure what type of media you are using “4X AN32”. How did you come about getting the media code or is this a label name?

I have seen that media code before - on super CRAPPY Laser discs - change them immediately!!

That media code is pretty rare. dvdrhelp.com has a few on their media code list. Not many posts I’d try some more popular or consistant media, Ritek or Ricoh Before I blame the burner or software

Hi, thx for the replies Hamp, Agent 007, nmpaulcp…Hamp the AN32 is located on the inner rim of the CD, where usually most manufactures tell the speed and so forth. And yes this media on the top side has a white label put on by the manufacture. I was curious to see what the opinion of the:
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Thanks again for you feedback…


I really don’t know anything about the choices you have given, I use DVD’s with media code: MCC, RICOHJPNR01, YUDEN000T01.

If you like to find out what the media code of a dvd, you can use a program called DVDinfoPRO, it a nice tool to help you.

If you would like to know what may be good DVD or not you can get alot of information from this webpage