Having problems copying a CD




I have an encyclopedia on a CD and I want to make a copy of it. However, one of the setup files stubornly refuses to be copied - gives an error. As far as I remember the file name is setup.sys. The file itself should be ok, because I’m able to install the encyclopedia from the CD. I suppose there is some copy protection in place. Can someone suggest a way to make the copy of the CD?


Hey there and wellcome to CDFs!

Well first of all we need to find out if it is portected or if its just a damaged disk. Try downloading A-Ray and scanning the disk. Once you have done this post back what you get!



Wow! Thanks for the quick responce. I’ll do that and will get back here with the results.


OK, I ran the program and here is the result:

[19:01:55 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [0.56s] —
[19:04:19 PM] No Protection detected -> E:\SetUp [23E631ED]

It looks to me that the cd is not protected and yet, I’m not able to copy that file. If, suppose the file is corrupted, then how is it possible to install the encyclopedia at all?


Hmmm well if it can be installed then it must be readable. Try making a image of the CD using Alcohol 120% trial. Try using the normal CD datatype @ first.



Well, is this alcohol image similar to the image Nero is doing on the hard drive when I copy a cd? Because I did try to copy this way and it didn’t work.


No im sure its diff, it more in-depth