Having problems coping some newreleases

Is anyone else haveing problems with The passion of Christ , Miss Congeniality and Hitch? I can’t get them to copy. HELP

Do you’ve tried the latest anydvd version or dvdfabdecrypter?
It should work with these!

I have done a back up with the Passion of Christ using any dvd and not had a problem.

Good luck! I have not tried that other decrypter mentioned though. I was interested to see that there is another one out there as I am a Noob as well!

Thanks Rapidfire I have AnyDVD and a Benq 1620 (new) How can I get the other program you mentioned? Is it similar to Any DVD? I am running the current version of ANYDVD and still can’t get those movies to copy. I did check to make sure my stuff is working as I was able to copy “Coach Carter” after I tried the others. Has anyone else been able to copy Miss congeniality and Hitch?

Look at Here

Have you tried anydvd ver It came out shortly after everyone was having problems with hitch and it worked for me.

dvd decrypter had absolutly no problem with the passion of christ